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I’m going to call this a viewers’ choice video because it is the number one request that I receive for videos, which is: How do I thrive when I hear about really low frequency stuff happening out in the world? I’m going to start off with the greatest information, the number one truth about you that I hope you clearly hear, contemplate, and realize – you’re able to, boom, immediately get all your frickin power back.

You ready? As a human being, you have a birthright which is free will. This means that you, hear me, You create your reality. Nobody else gets to control the experiences that you have, nor your thoughts or emotions. That’s all yours. This is where people maintain their power or give it away. So I’m explicitly stating this in hopes that you check in with yourself and feel the empowerment in you, around your being.

I’m really curious how this resonates and if you remember this truth. No matter what we hear or see in person or through a screen, we choose how we feel in our physical body. That can mean in the moment, very specifically, do I have chills? Is my heart starting to race? Our physical responses as well as our emotional responses.

Ooh, hearing that, am I excited? Am I scared? Am I sad? Am I curious? Am I choosing to disconnect from human beings for a moment? Am I leaning in with compassion and forgiveness? Do I know that I am always safe in my body? Hello. We are always safe in our body. This has been a really fascinating truth that many humans have been challenging over the past couple of years.

I want to differentiate really quickly between reaction, reacting and response. For me, the difference between a reaction or an emotional response or a verbal response is the time that we grant ourselves and that situation. By time I actually mean we stay in presence or return to a heart-centered state of presence and give ourselves and that situation more heart-centered thought before saying anything or taking any action.

Reactions are quick. And often times, humans who react from the monkey mind may regret or want to rescind the action they chose without coming present, without heart-centering, without really getting clear on whatever just happened. A response is more thoughtful. Notice I’m pointing to my heart when I say thoughtful. I’m literally saying come out of the mind, logic, ego, and heart-center.

You can noodle on that too. So feel free to check in on yourself. If things are upsetting you, to what extent are you maybe reacting or responding? I’m going to pause on free will. I really do want to underline the fact that it is completely in our own individual control what we think, what we feel, what we believe, and how we behave.

Okay. If you want to lift up the world, if you want to be the change, if you want to send out love and light, come back to frequency. When you perceive the world, when you think of your fellow human beings and our human collective, if you truly want to make a difference, check in with yourself, see where your frequency is, and consider raising it.

The more of us that hold a higher frequency, resonance, vibration, whatever you want to call it, those good vibes right? Love, compassion, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, connection, excitement, curiosity, hope, love, love, love, love, love, light, truth, information, honesty, integrity. We raise up the frequency in the planet. Remember, as I’ve shared before, we have a direct connection, we are aligned, with Mother Earth. And as human beings, we’re all connected way more than we all realize.

So if you want to do anything and this is free and this is simple, it’s pretty easy too if you just do it, if you make the conscious choice to do it, just check in and see how am I feeling right now? If you hear news from anybody, from someone in person you know, or through a screen, through the tube, whatever, it doesn’t matter,check in with you and see: How do I feel? It’s possible maybe you’re not feeling so great. Everyone who contacted me with this question was either feeling fear, feeling sad, Feeling fear. Really, a lot of: Am I safe in my body? Yes. By the way, you always are. We project these beliefs to make for a more exciting game of life.

I’m going to be honest. This is like very deep, soul, higher self information I’m offering. Or sadness – instead of sadness, may I offer, if you want, you can choose compassion. Instead of fear, if you want, you can consider: Is it possible I am always safe in my body? Jade keeps saying that. Where does that come from?

Check in with you and see how you feel. Maybe you are growing to the point where you hear anything and it’s like, Oh. Gratitude and compassion. Gratitude and compassion. If it’s a lower frequency feeling you have, Oh, remember, you can always raise it. How do you immediately raise your frequency? Think of something that makes you smile, go outside, ground with Earth, take a walk, breathe fresh air, or stay inside. Gaze out the window. Look at the birds going by, the clouds floating by. Say hello to Mr. Sun. Give him gratitude. Take deep breaths. Another fun one I learned about, a fun way to give our brains a little recess: Say your ABCs backwards. You’ll be so focused on the z, y, x, w, v, u, t, bop, bop, bop, that, my gosh, totally forgot about that news report you just watched and you just neutralized your frequency.

So know that everything is up to you. You have complete control in your life. Complete control. This is the number one thing that when I talk with people who would like things to be different, they didn’t know. They’ve never heard it. They don’t remember it. Know and remember that you, you are incredibly powerful. As a human being, you have free will and you alone create every single experience you are present for.

And you have complete control over your thoughts and emotions. So you can respond however you want and you can continue your patterns of behavior or, you know, switch them up.


Jade is known as The 5D Coach – an awakened lightworker and certified life coach helping you release limiting beliefs and raise your frequency because you deserve to enjoy life and love you. For a complimentary coaching session please visit The5DCoach.com.

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