The blasts of plasma energy are intense as we continue with this process of evolving into our new selves. Commonly they can disrupt sleep. I barely slept Sunday night and the next day had a 4-hour drive. But surprisingly, I was wide awake all day. I seem to be needing less sleep. Fingers crossed.

We continue to move more and more into the new. What I’m noticing now is really not groking all the rules and procedures of 3D living when I’m out and about. I feel like someone who’s landed in a foreign place, where I have to figure out how to do things. But I’m doing this in a new way, very intuitively. Doing this is now part of the adventure. We’re increasingly relying on our intuition and intention, creating what we need moment by moment.

I stopped by my newly remodeled bank this week and found it off-putting. It looks like a personality-less coffee shop with big screens playing ads on a loop. Gone is anyone who greets you when you come in. Evidently this new format is an appeal to millennials, who don’t go to banks. The timelines have definitely separated. Fortunately I can choose another branch.

She’s here, helping us to establish our new world with this beautiful light of balance, peace, harmony and love.

I’ve had a family member staying with me this week, so this post will be short, but I wanted to share that this person had a very interesting experience the first night of his visit. He woke up in the night to find he was surrounded by violet light. It was hard to describe, he told me the next morning, but it made him think of the Northern Lights. The light lasted quite a while, and it was very soothing, he noted, very comforting. I’ve experienced this violet light in my house as well—Source energy coming from the Mother of creation as we bring in the new realm. It’s so great to hear she’s making herself known in this way. She’s here, helping us to establish our new world with this beautiful light of balance, peace, harmony and love.

The old world continues to recede, like the outgoing tide, and this is happening in many ways. Our willingness to become new, our openness to change and our ability to evolve carry us forward into the new consciousness.

Several years ago, I was meeting two friends for dinner at a small local cafe. I went in and found they weren’t there yet, so I went back outside to wait. On my way out I said hello to some friends who were having dinner. I waited about 15 minutes and finally left when they didn’t show up. Later, we compared notes to discover they had been there at the same time. They had said hello to the same friends. They had parked in front of the cafe in the third spot, and they said there was an empty space next to them. That’s where I had parked, in that second space, and the third space was empty. So somehow, we were there at the same time but never saw each other. I sometimes think about that experience, because perhaps it’s an example of what will happen. There will be parallel realities with some interim overlap as we each make our choices.

There have been so many experiences that have shown us where we are headed. We’ve each had things happen, dreams, visions, signs, synchronicities, and these have given us confirmation. We are moving into something truly amazing and magical. This whole new era awaits, and we have worked with determination and steadfastness to create it. And we’re starting to see some of the rewards and results of our unwavering dedication now.

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