Hey friends,

I’m here to just pop in a quick, friendly reminder. In case you’re feeling fear of what may or may not come down the road, I want to tell you two things. One, the only time and place that needs you right now is right now. Just come back to the present. The fastest way to do that is focusing on your breath.


Welcome back. If you insist on projecting into the future, instead of focusing on fear and what you’re afraid might happen, which, by the way, might not happen, focus on what you want to experience instead. Thoughts matter, matter as in materialize. What you think about will manifest or materialize on your path in front of you. Let it be things you love, you want, you enjoy. Start shifting your thoughts into a higher frequency and focus on the things you would like to experience.

May I invite you to daydream? And as you imagine all these wonderful things that you’ve been dreaming of and wanting to experience, focus on those high frequency emotions that are coming up. Emotions are fuel to the thoughts that manifest into your reality.

Let it be light and love and abundant. Whatever you’d like it to be. Please remember: consciously choose your thoughts, consciously choose how you emotionally respond. And if there are low frequency feelings that you’re interested in elevating, if you want to stay in a higher frequency, what are you watching? What are the things to which you are emotionally responding?

You can always change those too. What are the sources that cue your emotions or thoughts? Consciously choose. And rest assured, all is well, everything will always be well, everything will always be what you allow, and you can create whatever you wish.


Jade is known as The 5D Coach – an awakened lightworker and certified life coach helping you release limiting beliefs and raise your frequency because you deserve to enjoy life and love you. For a complimentary coaching session please visit The5DCoach.com.

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