My beloved you are a miracle!

No matter who you meet, don´t you ever look down on yourself!

And why do I speak about this tonight?

Some of you feel that you are falling “off the radar” and that you are invisible, and that no one seem to take notice of you, no matter what you do?

And you feel un-invited, and on the outside of where ” the real thing” is going on?

Well let me tell you: It is you who are the real deal! You don´t profit on anyone. You aid who ever needs it without questions or making a buck out of it.

You use your empatic heart always, and you want everyone to feel good about themselves at all times. But this does not make you popular! And why?

The show must go on, til it is over, for The Play of the Egoes.

It is you who must understand that you are truly a miracle in an egocentric world.

You don´t need a diploma or a grade, or a glittering tiara and a fancy dress to really know yourself and what you are all about, oh no. 

You understand your value because you see the love, and foremost you feel the love that flows to you, from your acts of unselfishness.

The beauty within you glows even in the darkness and so I say please know that you are a miracle in the world that you live in.

In the world that you live in, still big egos thrive in different ways. 

Sometime you wonder what love really is?

Love is always unselfish and if someone deserves a wonderful treat it is you!

So I say have faith in yourself, know that you are a true miracle and know that everything will be balanced…you just need to be patient.

I see you, I feel you in my heart always and we stand very close to each other always.

I love you

Mary Magdalene

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