I am Mira and I love you! And who am I?

I am both close to you and also on a distance.

I can dive into the deepest ocean and I can also fly high in the air. 

So who am I really?

What do you think?

I am also a part of you.

I am a part of the electrons, and we are everywhere. 

And even in the smallest particle it all has to do with balance.

You too, need to find a perfect balance in your life, otherwise your life might falter.

Ask me any question if you need to find a better balance in your life.

And who I am to speak about this? In my life, in my world, dimension far away from yours, I am a healer, a sort of a doctor.

And my key tools that I need to be able to heal anyone is always faith hope and love.

So are you ready to be healed?

You are welcome anytime, just ask for me!

I love you

Lady Mira

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