Hi, friends. I want to check in and ask you what very well may be one of the most important questions you ever ask yourself: What do you focus on? What in the world gets your attention? What do you focus on? Why would I ask you this? Why would this, of all possible questions, be one of the most important in your entire existence, especially right now?

Why does it matter? Where your focus goes, your reality grows. Everything – anything – that gets your attention is amplified. I will share more videos that help you get to a place where you totally understand how this happens. In the meantime, please rest assured that a consensus has been made. People understand that this is the reality, the nature of reality. Your consciousness and your energy put together forms your entire reality.

So what do you focus on? What deserves your brain power? Have you ever contemplated that phrase, by the way – your “brain power?” Stand in your power and tell me what gets your attention?

This is a really good example of why self-care matters. If it’s not a priority in your life, I would strongly encourage you making it so or considering, “Is it possible that self-care can be a priority in my life and if it’s not yet, let me sit and contemplate what has prevented it from being a priority in my life.”

What do you focus on from now moment to now moment to now moment? What are you watching? What are you thinking about? What do you feel? What arouses an emotional response in your life? What are you giving your brain power to? Your mind and your consciousness are incredibly important and powerful. To what extent are you aware from now moment to now moment to now moment of what is getting your attention. In every moment something is getting your attention. The brain is an amazing filtration device and an amazing data receiver, and that’s an understatement. What are you focusing on? This really matters. I invite you to start journaling or somehow start paying attention to and realizing, “What do I pay attention to?

How do I spend my time? What are my thoughts that come up from now moment to now moment to now moment? In any given day how do you spend your time? What do you believe to be true about yourself, about people in your life, about world events? Everything has the possibility of getting your attention.

What do you focus on? Please, whenever you remember this, now that you’re aware of this question, start asking yourself this without judgment. It’s just information. And the reason it matters, again, is where your focus goes – you’re putting your energy into whatever you’re focusing on – your reality grows. Whatever you think, feel, look at, it’s amplified; it’s made bigger.

Once you realize where your focus is, all the things that get your attention, all the things you believe, then look at them and ask yourself, “Is this what I want to grow? Is this what I want to perpetuate? Is this what I want to live and die for or live and die with? Are these all the things that I want to keep?”

This actually reminds me of my former career. I used to invite people, “Tell me: what do you want to stop, start and continue?” Oh, my goodness. That is applicable to your life. What do you want to start paying attention to? What do you want to begin manifesting in your life? And let me tell you, you can start by looking at how you talk about yourself, what you believe about yourself.

When you look in the mirror, what are the words that come to your mind? Is it judgment or love? Knowing, even if you don’t understand how yet, knowing that what your focus goes to grows in your reality, I invite you, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can say, “I love you” out loud. Oh, my gosh, the words.

Are there words you want to perpetuate or replace? Do you have room for self-love? Say it out loud. Say those higher frequency words of love, gratitude, expressing compassion for who you are and you can start now. You can shift it. You can change it right now. So please, whenever you remember, and you can as soon as you’re done watching this video, sit in contemplation, it doesn’t have to be long.

Ask yourself, “Where is my focus going? Where is my attention going? What is receiving my power, my brain power?” And start evaluating. Identify what those things are and then assess and then shift. I think those are the three steps to creating the reality that you love and it all starts from within. I will tell you, it all starts from within.

The love that you have will radiate out to loving others. It’ll lift up the frequency of this whole beautiful planet. Oh, my gosh, the ease it can bring to our human collective and the joy that you can experience. Your whole body will enjoy ease and radiant health. You’re going to start manifesting pure joy, divine joy, love.

It’ll be a reflection to you. It is a choice, though. And I don’t know to what extent you’ve ever heard, learned or been taught what you think, the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the people you surround yourself with, whatever you read, you’re amplifying all of those things in the reality around you. Do you watch the news?

Keep in mind the news doesn’t always share the beautiful truth of what’s happening in the world. People are awesome every day and the news, regardless if it’s mainstream media or alternative news, it all has a frequency, and it’s not necessarily highlighting the beautiful, wonderful, loving things that people do all the time. But everything, anything you’re watching, anything you’re thinking, anything that’s eliciting an emotional response from you is receiving your power.

Please know this. And use this information to make informed decisions from here on about where your focus goes so that you know you’re in the driver’s seat of where your reality grows. I love you. I wish you joy, ease, and – I feel compelled to say – whatever you desire. We always experience what we allow. And please rest assured that whatever we have experienced, whatever we are experiencing, whatever we will experience, always serves our highest and greatest good.

Sometimes that’s information that we can assess and then make informed decisions and shifts. I really want to invite you to check in with yourself and realize, “Holy smokes, these are the things that I’m focusing on. Do I love that or what could they be instead?”


Jade is known as The 5D Coach – an awakened lightworker and certified life coach helping you release limiting beliefs and raise your frequency because you deserve to enjoy life and love you. For a complimentary coaching session please visit The5DCoach.com.

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The post Focus on Focus appeared first on The 5D Coach.

The post Focus on Focus appeared first on The 5D Coach.

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