Hi, friends. As promised, I want to talk with you today about devices and your radiant health. I’m a huge fan of technology. I appreciate all the positive that it makes possible from feeling and being safer while traveling alone to connecting with loved ones despite any physical distance. Right now, I’m relying on a device to record and disseminate information that I believe to be highly advantageous to you, and you’re relying on a device to receive that information.

So absolutely, I appreciate the luxuries and conveniences that are made possible through advancements and innovations. With that said, like with most, if not all things related to our radiant health, I’m a proponent of moderation. I’m all about frequency. So I’d like to share something pretty fascinating. The human body has a natural, organic, perfect frequency.

Reminder: What is frequency? It’s the vibration in which we resonate. Mother Earth also has a frequency, or natural vibration. The human body and Mother Earth perfectly align in frequency. Devices have a frequency as well, but it doesn’t align with the human body or Mother Earth. The frequency of the device is unique unto itself. A fascinating phenomenon has been discovered where, with interaction, a human body’s frequency can shift over time to align with that of the device.

Noodle on that. This information is not intended to scare you. I simply truly believe that knowledge is power. So I want to help offer factual information that helps you make informed decisions on how you choose to balance embracing technology, which I absolutely support, and nurturing your radiant health. You can have both. The big takeaway here is to check in with yourself. Whenever you’re interacting with a device, whenever you’re interacting with anything tangible, anything intangible, you always have the opportunity to check in with yourself and see how that thing is impacting or influencing your holistic well-being. So going back to when a human’s frequency shifts to align with devices, an additional interesting part of that phenomenon is that human being may not even realize the shift has happened.

However, it’s absolutely observable by anyone around them. The observations can be that individual seems highly agitated, irritable, frustrated, angry, depressed, very low energy and prefers isolation, disconnection. These are low frequency things going on, right? The great news is the individual can immediately shift their frequency back to its natural state by disconnecting from devices even faster than the shift initially happened. They can repair.

So I don’t know yet of any easy way to know how much device or screen time one can have before this shift happens because we’re all unique. The best gauge is you checking in on yourself so you can see, whenever you remember, check in with yourself by asking yourself, “How am I feeling right now?

What is the quality of my thoughts? What’s coming up for me emotionally and what am I physically feeling as far as sensations in my body? Am I thinking really positively or optimistically or pessimistically?

The emotions that are coming up. Am I happy? Am I angry? Am I sad? Am I scared? Physical sensations. Okay, let me get quiet and scan my body from head to toe and see, are there any aches, pains, and disease that are noticeable? What is my body telling me?” Your body is an immaculate machine that absolutely communicates with you.

Pay attention to it. It’ll be really quiet in the beginning. Like, “Oh, I might be experiencing an ache in my head. Okay. What could that be connected to? Are there any correlations that are possible? Or, ooh, my tummy hurts or I’m feeling nauseated or I have a pain in my back.” Pay attention to these things while they’re quiet so that you can get ahead of them.

What I’ve noticed is folks who fail to check in with themselves will experience their body communicating with them very loudly through the manifestation of physical disease. You can prevent that by checking in with yourself. There can be a correlation between what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing and and a device – device time – screen time. A great trend that can happen by checking in with yourself more frequently while you’re using devices is you can ultimately identify what is the maximum amount of screen time you want to have each day or per sitting.

An additional way to check in with yourself in regard to how devices may be impacting your radiant health is how easy is it for you to disconnect? Is it really easy for you to put down a device and walk away, out of sight, out of mind? Or when it’s not in your hand and you’re not proactively engaging with the screen, whether it’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart phones, do you notice, “I don’t have this in my hand and I don’t like that”? Where are you on that scope?

If you have kiddos, you can check in with them as well. How easy is it for a kiddo to surrender a device to you? Kiddos absolutely communicate however they are able to, wherever they are in development and with communication. Some may communicate like you and I. Some may be less vocal and maybe more visibly responding. Check in with your kiddos and see how easy is it for them to disconnect. If you find that it’s visibly noticeable or they explicitly tell you “No.” If they kind of fight you on disconnecting with devices or if you catch them sneaking the devices for more screen time, it may be a great opportunity for a device detox for them and maybe for the whole family.

See what that looks like for you and what’s most appropriate for you and yours. Again, I absolutely believe that we can have very healthy, happy, meaningful relationships with devices that absolutely can make our lives way easier. And remember to check in with yourself to make sure that you’re balancing embracing the technology and absolutely honoring and nurturing your holistic, radiant health.

Check in with yourself and think, “Okay, I’m ready to pick up a device,” or you might check in with yourself and realize, “Hey, it’s time to put the device down.”


Jade is known as The 5D Coach – an awakened lightworker and certified life coach helping you release limiting beliefs and raise your frequency because you deserve to enjoy life and love you. For a complimentary coaching session please visit The5DCoach.com.

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The post Devices and Your Health appeared first on The 5D Coach.

The post Devices and Your Health appeared first on The 5D Coach.

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