It is funny how often the angels talk about the need to sit, breathe, and receive, and yet how I forget to do it when I get going and busy. Lately, however, I have been stopping myself randomly during short breaks in the day and making the time. After all, it takes very little time and feels fantastic. It energizes me in the morning, recalibrates me in the middle of the day, and helps me slow down before sleep. I am reminded that we are so loved. We have no idea until we sit and intentionally open ourselves to it.

I used to pester my angels often. “How do I open? What do I do?”“Surrender,” they replied. “How do I surrender?” the old engineering-me persisted .”What steps do I take.” “Do nothing. Relax your mind. Intend to be open.” That never satisfied me. I wanted a list of instructions. I didn’t realize at the time that surrendering and opening were not about “doing” but rather a state of “being.”

So I made up visualizations that helped me feel open and surrendered to this stream of love. I imagined a big funnel on the top of my head with light pouring into it, down my spine, then out through my hands and feet. That gave my mind something to focus on while I relaxed. It worked! I started to feel a stream of light pouring through me. Sometimes it felt like a relaxing sensation, sometimes like bubbles, sometimes like heat, and sometimes like a subtle flow. I became so enamored with my visualization and the accompanying sensations that I often slipped into a trance-like state. It felt blissful. I would come out of it with renewed energy and enthusiasm. I felt like an instrument being tuned back to my natural state. It almost seemed like cheating!

I’ve used the “Sit. Breathe, and receive” technique to help my body at times. I do it and imagine feeling fantastic, and then I feel improvement. I used it when I felt wobbled by some financial challenge. I came out of the brief interlude with clear or new ideas. The universal stream of love and information is constantly flowing to us, but we have to allow it in.

A few years back, I was made aware of a healer named Bruno Groening, who lived and worked in Germany in the 1940s and 1950s after WWII. He, too, told people to sit in reception of this healing stream. I was thrilled. It was the same message the angels had been sharing for years. I have a dear client who does this every night. She is now walking after not being able to do so for years. When the life force is allowed in, it can fix nearly anything. I am convinced this is the same reason that miracles happen when people surrender while gazing with Braco or receive energy from other healers. They open to allow the never-ending stream of love to pour to and through them.

This holiday, with so much going on and so many needing help, I’m committed to opening up to sit, breathe, and receive for myself so I can continue to give, serve, and enjoy my own life along the way. It truly works. A few minutes of simple reception make me happier, healthier, and more productive. Best of all, it helps me remember that I, too, am part of the circulatory system of God – receiving and, therefore, as a by-product giving love to all I can.

Here are a few tips to help you remember to allow in the love…

1. Set a timer, then Sit. Breathe. Receive

Seriously! Set your phone for two minutes to sit, breathe, and receive. It is easier to create any new habit if you start in ridiculously small ways. The healing stream is already and constantly flowing. A few seconds of pure receptivity can change your health, happiness and redirect your life.

2. Use your imagination to help you open

As I mentioned, I imagine a giant funnel of light on top of my head and a stream flowing down my spine. Use that if it works for you. You can imagine a stream of light flowing through your heart. Use any imaginary image or technique that works for you to help you imagine being open, receptive, and surrendered to this endless, loving stream.

3. Receive on behalf of others

Sometimes it is easier to receive if we focus on opening to allow the light to flow through us on behalf of those we love. Of course, they could receive directly, but so few will. Instead, through your connection, you can open yourself to receive and intend that the light flows through you and to your dear ones. You will benefit from the flow, and to the degree, they are open to receiving help –  even if not aware of the world of energy – they will too. As we receive, we give.

Instead of holding on to the adage that “it is better to give than receive,” the angels remind us that giving and receiving are inseparable. There is no true giving of love without receiving love from the Source and no receiving without allowing it to flow through us.

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