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Dear Ones,

We of the Universes start our message today by discussing your need to know why and how your world is evolving. Even as we channel this message, your personal and global worlds are shifting in ways you cannot foresee.

Perhaps it appears that the world is becoming colder, more dangerous, and more uninhabitable. Appearances can be deceiving, as you have heard throughout your earthly sojourns. So it is now.

That which seems heavy is becoming light, and that which appears unacceptable is becoming interesting – as ideas, thoughts, and actions morph into the new. An apt analogy is a newborn baby. A newborn might be red and wrinkly at birth yet becomes beautiful as it grows into itself. You and your world are in similar phases.

What once was uncomfortable or unattractive will morph into beauty. And that which was once accepted as the proper action or look will morph into yesterday’s acceptance. A bit like the gold and green home color combination popular in the 1970s.

This time of change is beyond anything you have experienced while of the earth, including those times labeled the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, or any historical earth transition.

Throughout this morphing phase, activities, agendas, and people will be interesting until they are not. Even those who felt the need for stability in this or previous earth lives will find the newness of each day and activity stimulating and, yes, fun.

What was is no more, including your minute-to-minute activities. As you slip into your new being, what you find interesting today will likely not be tomorrow. Imagine a newborn racing through infancy, school, and adulthood within days instead of decades. You will be new almost every moment.

Even though this rapid evolution may seem frightening, speed is what you have begged for. You are finally strong enough physically, emotionally, and spiritually to fully allow yourself to emerge.

This rapid evolution will happen to millions of earth beings – not necessarily on the same date, but within a few months. It will seem as if you are flying through time zones similar to scenes in your 3D movies.

Some of you question if you will physically age more rapidly. You will age at the rate correct for you. If you believe you are old, you will be. If you believe you have more than enough energy and interest to explore this new earth for however long you wish, you will.

You establish your physical age within this new dynamic that has become your earth life. And just as you can end your earth life whenever you wish, you can also determine how much you wish to explore. Some of you merely want to know the shift to love is happening and will return to the earth in the future to fully explore that in a new body. Others will want to remain of the earth longer to fully experience the difference between fear and love in one lifetime.

Your choice does not necessarily determine your future existence on earth or elsewhere. But instead, allows you to know that you now have more conscious choices than you allowed yourself in any previous earth lifetime. Your current earth life length will be determined by “I’m not done yet; I want to explore this.” Or, “All of this newness is tedious; I’ll transition now and return when earth’s love is more stable.”

Every being has always decided when to leave earth. The difference is that you will now do so consciously instead of subconsciously.

Will earth beings attempt to keep you of the earth despite your wanting to leave? Even though that may happen, your new caretaking freedoms allow you to decide based on your needs.

Your loved ones will have a greater understanding of your needs – and new methods of communication despite your transition. So you will feel less or no guilt transitioning. And your loved ones will feel less emotional pain because they will know they can continue to communicate with you even though you are no longer in a physical body.

Nothing is as it was, including the physical transition of yourself or those you love.

The next few months will be of constant change within you and your greater world. Nothing you hold dear now might be dear once that transition is complete. But then, everything might be.

This phase is like the Wizard of OZ tornado that allows Dorothy and Toto to enter a new world. A world they decide to exit. No one blames Dorothy for leaving. And no one blames Dorothy for her new life because of that tornado.

“Hold onto your hats.” You and the earth are becoming whirling, swirling entities. Which is neither good nor bad, merely far different from what you ever before experienced while of the earth.

This time is similar to your experiences in places other than earth, where you and your environment shift instantaneously. Something that has never before been true of any earthly being. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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