We continue to shift in incremental ways as we build upon the clearing we’ve accomplished and the creating we’ve done. The Solstice brought yet another shift and on the 22nd I received a message that we had successfully cleared the heart wound. The heart wound is something that many have had on this planet due to how our lives have been impacted by negative forces. These forces have worked to turn us away from our innate connection to Source and our inherent creative power, as well as the original energy that we held that formed us and nourished us—love. This energy of love was and is the basis of our multi-dimensional makeup.

The heart wound has now been healed. For all who have felt the pain and struggle of this, there should now be some relief. We will be able to move past the energies that have tried to stop us from healing the painful experiences that have happened to us in our lives. With this healing and this clearing, the path is now easier.

This was a collective release, something held in the collective that was holding many back from moving forward. We will see how this impacts everyone. It was not something I knew about specifically or expected to learn about. But I felt the release take place and it was very emotional. It was also a huge relief, as in finally this has happened.

Admittedly there may be some who are unwilling to let go of the emotional trauma related to this and that is their choice. But for all who are, our steps will be lighter now. Our hearts will be lighter. Our whole being will feel the abundance of benevolent light that is meant to make us feel the holiness of our connection with all that is. We will feel the bountiful light and love that is now at home within us. Our new residence is our own being, for here we are free, here we are at peace, here we are connected to Source, and here we find our truth. Our address is our soul signature. We can now move forward as who we are—as beings who’ve connected to their knowing and their mission of creating the New Earth. We know this with every fiber of our being.

Let us walk with courage now holding this abundance of light and love.

Let us walk with courage now holding this abundance of light and love. We will feel it practically bursting from us, quiet yet ever so powerful in what it can do. We have reached a turning point. A line has been drawn in the sand and we have stepped over it into as much newness as we have each created for ourselves.

Continue with all this creation, for we are the beneficiaries. We will feel it and enjoy it and know that we have made it from the holy power of our own creative ability. This is no small thing.

It is all changing, and it’s all changing for everyone as they move into their own sovereignty and responsibility as creators. Being a creator moves us from being passive into a leadership role. We are now actively taking part in making something distinct—a world where we can all thrive and be supported and express our divine uniqueness and connection. In this new world we are all whole and we are all an expression of the light we have embodied. We’re glowing, we’re shining. And we are continuing to evolve ever more rapidly.

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