Our New Earth is taking shape in a beautiful way. We continue to move into more of the newness and expansion that we are creating, and this is our new world forming around us. Every bit of clearing we do makes space for more light and more heart-based consciousness and leads us further into the new experience. We move beyond the old patterns. We begin to orchestrate what happens in our lives from the new consciousness. We receive unexpected blessings that come in like sun popping thru the clouds. And you will FEEL these inside of you as they enliven you even more. What we are creating is bringing us to life.

You may have noticed deep, old issues coming up with the full moon lunar eclipse. Gateways opened for our new paths, which take us beyond where we have been. We were able to see even more of what has been holding us back. Don’t be discouraged by these patterns revealing themselves. It is the revelation that creates the possibility for newness. Just be with them, allow them to return to the light. Be in gratitude for being shown the way into the higher realms and the holy potential we hold with our divine power. We are tasting the nectar.

We are rewriting the nature of existence for humanity.

We move beyond the old world and the controls it exerted, the limitations it imposed. We move into freedom and connection of the unified field. Our divine selves express. We feel love in new ways. We are rewriting the nature of existence for humanity. We are the Light Scribes bringing in what is required. We have worked hard to embody all this light and to become our new selves. We are seeing our cells enliven with everything that is possible. This has been an intense process, but we are beginning to emerge into noticeable and noteworthy changes. Most recently, I am seeing many begin to open their hearts.

Little by little, we are making this happen. Breathe. And know deep within that we can do this, even when we feel frustration at how long it has taken. Release even the frustration, and bring more love into that space. Bring love into every cell. Close your eyes and feel that love. It is the source of who you are. You were always this love. Be with this love. Feel the beauty and contentment. Feel the wholeness and alignment. Feel the codes that you have called in for you. We are not passive in the process. We are the dreamers, we are the creators.

Write a letter to yourself. From Source. See what comes thru. Allow the words to take shape for you, for the you that you have become, for the YOU filled with boldness and determination that is creating our New Earth.

Here is the message I received for all of us.

Thank you for everything you are doing. Thank you for your courage, for your tenacity even when you don’t have all the answers. Thank you for carrying on in the face of fatigue. Thank you for all of it. Do not worry about all the details. Simply continue being your majestic self, holding as much majesty as you can. We love you and your incredible spirit. You have listened when we spoke and heard our words. You have used these words to make your new self. There are many of you all over the world, in Canada, in Mexico, in Hungary, in China, in Russia, in England, in Sweden. In the US, in France, in Taiwan, in Ireland, in Australia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa. And more. You are anchoring and embodying the light across the planet for our new Heaven on Earth. Legions of you accepted the challenge and came here at this time. We thank you, we honor you, we love you. You are making it happen. Take a moment to feel the power of what you are doing, not just for you but for everyone.

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