My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Never tell yourself what can’t be done. Never explain to anyone why you can’t have what you want. Never believe anyone who tells you that you can’t change, whether the change you want is a change of habit, a change of location, or a change in your health. Every time you explain to yourself or anyone else why you can’t be what you want, have what you want, or do what you want, you are telling the entire universe that you don’t believe in the Divine. You are blocking God’s work in your life!

The Divine is always, without fail, attempting to guide you to the solutions you seek, the answers you want, and the joy that you wish to experience. The Divine is working to guide you to that perfect job, to find the home you dream of, and to either fix the relationships that you mutually desire to improve or guide you gently away from those who don’t. The Divine is constantly informing every cell in your body how it can operate in greater harmony, and the only reason you stay ill, dear ones, is because you focus more on illness than on things that make you feel better.

We know this is challenging to put into practice. You all grew up with the model of reward and punishment. “Be good little girls and boys, and you’ll get your reward. Mess up, and you’ll be punished.”

The model of reward and punishment is how humanity treats one another. The Divine operates with the model of love. You are loved without condition. Your loving desires are supported without condition. You are not rewarded for good behavior or punished for bad. You are loved. The reward of love is feeling good. If you must see it this way, the punishment for disconnecting from love is feeling bad. No matter how wealthy, acclaimed, or seemingly happy one is, if they are disconnected from love, they are secretly miserable. Your connection to love is heaven. Your disconnection from it is hell. You all experience these polarities by degrees.

Seek to feel heaven! If you let love into your life in any way – for example, simply by looking for the things that feel like love, being loving as often as you can – to yourself especially – and caring about the way you feel, then Dear ones, you will enjoy this love in the form of all that you seek. You can pet a dog, inhale the scent of your tea, admire a person, or enjoy the expansiveness of the sky. In these moments, you are connecting to love. It is far easier, moment-to-moment, than you think. It is as simple as choosing to focus on something that feels good.

If you believe you must suffer to be worthy, you will suffer to prove your worthiness to a Source that already knows you are worthy. If you believe you must help others even when you genuinely are not feeling guided to do so, then dear ones, you will resonate with resentment more than love. If, however, you are honest with yourself – doing only what feels better, thinking what feels better, seeking things to focus on that feel better – then you are acknowledging your worthiness, and you will experience what a worthy person experiences – help, health, happiness, abundance, joy, love, you name it!

As you practice thinking thoughts and choosing a focus that feels better – one moment after the next – at first, you will only feel a little better. At first, you may even say, “Well, I feel a little better, but what good is this? I still don’t have the money I want. I still don’t have a partner.” Hang in there, dear friends! Keep seeking the better-feeling focus, the better feeling thought. Your good feelings will gain momentum. Your feelings of worthiness will grow, and as they do, you will allow in the guidance and love that is always present.

We know you’re worthy of all that you desire. The Creator knew you were worthy when you were created, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can mess that up. You deserve, first and foremost, to be happy, but we cannot force you to be happy, nor can we deliver temporal, superficial happiness unless you vibrate at the same frequency, and then it will come to you with ease.

When you enjoy thoughts of expansiveness and beauty, you will allow that home you desire. When you think thoughts that feel abundant and fulfilled, even if you are thinking about your meals, you will attract a job that feels the same. When you love life, love people, or even love your dog, and don’t muddy the waters with doubt, you’ll allow that love you desire into your life.

You are learning, and we are guiding you into a 5D paradigm where your vibration matters more than anything you say, do.

You are already worthy of love. Practice feeling it more. Practice looking for things that feel good. This simple discipline can change your life because it will change your vibration. Do it often enough, and you’ll feel the change starting to happen because you’ll just feel better. Do it longer, and your life will start working better. Do it even more, and you’ll start seeing ideas come to you as if by magic. Keep it up, and miracles will become the norm as what you want flows into your life.

Make this year the year that you choose to be kind to yourself, and to live as if you are worthy of feeling good. Make this the year to choose thoughts that feel better. Then, watch your life respond.

In 2023 I know I am worthy
In 2023 I seek to feel happy
In 2023 I will live authentically
In 2023 I set my spirit free!

You are ahead of the pack, dear ones – part of a small fraction of humanity learning to manage your vibration. Your vibration is, and always has been, the key to creating a life you love. Now that you know this simple truth, you can learn to manage your vibration and honor it as more important and influential than any uninspired action. With a single thought and then the next and the next, you can start a chain reaction and momentum that will change your life!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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