I am Michael and I think that it is important that you know certain things.

These days the wind blows from many different directions and sometimes it is hard to understand its content.

And how do I really mean?

You have to be anchored into your point of focus.

And where is your point of focus?

Well it is in your navel chakra!

In your navel to be exakt!

And what can you do to be more precise?

First you must know that your navel is a portal.

Your navel and its area are very important for your own ability to focus on yourself and your life.

And the first thing you have to do is realize how important everything that you eat is.

Everything that you eat, sums up and spreads its energy in your navel area.

So what do you eat?

When you body is vibrating in a high energy level as for instance the higher dimensions – your body demands food accordingly.

Light food. Green food. Fruits. Vegetables in different colors as for an example the rainbow colors.

When you eat something that is heavy, the portal of your navel, will be given an surmountable task to process this “food”.

And the focus that you need so very much, slips away from you.

You are highly sensitive. You must ask your body what to eat each day. And be very grateful for it too as it is the best start.

Eat slowly. Don´t stress when you eat. It is a treat to be able to eat, so be gracious and thankful for you dinner and make room for you to eat in a stressless invironment.

The navel chakra as well as portal, needs to be treated with love.

What you put in your mouth will come down to your navel.

So it is as important that you consider what you put in your mouth too.

And, your mouth is a portal too!

Your body is the home of your soul!

When you allow food that is of no nutrition you condemn yourself, the very self of you and your soul.

You have to be your own guardian and say no to food that is no good to you and your body.

And all in all everything can only get better.

You see, your focus, is your anchor in your life.

And you need to be anchored and it all comes together, there is no separation anywhere.

You create yourself according to what you choose to eat, to put into your mouth. 

You are so important! You are so loved! And you have unique skills that no one else has.

So please se you as a complete system that needs love in all of your portals and areas.

I love you,


💓Hallo dear friend! I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from archangel Michael. 

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