This past week—Thursday—we broke thru to a new level. It felt like moving thru—past—a space we have been contained in. And we moved into more expansion and awareness and ability to hold light. We are holding vast amounts of light now and that light is flowing out from us to all those around us, everyone we interact with.

People can react to this amount of light in both positive and negative ways, and you may be seeing both. For the most part, we will see positive outcomes, but just know that some can be triggered and not know what to do. People are having new experiences in the presence of all this light and beginning to see their own truth, what they have hidden, what they have chosen, how they have limited themselves and more.

At this point, we are holding so much light we can no longer contain it.

At this point, we are holding so much light we can no longer contain it. It’s spilling out. Since our recent breakthrough, we are feeling a great deal of happiness and enjoying ourselves, whatever we are doing. We’re also feeling more energized, and this feels fantastic, because we’ve been tired a long time. This energized feeling is lasting thru the day, even when we’re not sleeping well, or being awakened in the night.

We’re seeing many good things appearing around us. Truth is rising up and showing itself. Abundance is coming in. Love is becoming our way of being. What we have long heard would happen is happening, and this is just beginning. The trickle will become a flow, and the flow will herald our new environment.

We’ve come into alignment with the new energy, with the new consciousness, with the New Earth. Being in tandem with it brings us to our fresh perspectives. We are literally having new experiences and surprising happenings. The juxtapositions may take your breath away. Magic is in the air. And this too is just the beginning.

The palette of potential is enormous. We’re only getting a taste. And yet the more we move into it, the more it will expand around us and become a part of our being.

This is the new time. It’s here, spread out around us like stardust. We’re walking thru it, seeing the sparkles. We’re taking it in. And we’re making it happen, for everyone.

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