I am old. I have experienced many different things.

And you are also on your own path of learning, and I will not stop you from doing just that: learning!

You have to find your own answers! Your unique answers!

But I am here and I will gladly guide you.

In the heart of the matter it comes down to, what path you actually choose.

Exactly where do you want to take the next step?

In what direction?

Let your sacred heart be your guide and compass!

This path is only one of many paths. 

If you chose this path, I would be so very proud of you!

But know this: it is not always easy to walk this path. You will meet obstacles here. You will meet people that can not stand that you have chosen this path. 

To make the choise to walk with love, with peace, with compassion in your daily life, will give some people a reminder, of something thay have forgotten in their life.

You have to be adamant and fight for your right to walk in this manner.

Your feet, your preacious feet, with your sules and toes carry you.

The land actually transforms under your very footsteps, and this is why your ambition, your free will comes in as something very important.

You are a creator! You resemble God in many ways. What you desire is something you manifest, as the creator you are! 

You can write a list of the ten most important things that you would like to achieve in your life, this is how you can start to manifest your visions, your dreams and turn them into reality.

Ask your sacred heart, how you can create this compassionate life.

And when you ask I will guide you.

The sacred heart communicates through love, faith, hope, compassion, peace.

I love you,

Mother Mary

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