We are Vittra! We are as old as the Earth and even older. 

We are a part of Mother Earth’s recipe!

I mean like when you follow a recipe when you bake a loaf of bread. You have various ingredients that are needed for the bread to become just a bread. It’s the same with us. We are part of the creation, the content, of this magnificent planet.

And the same goes for YOU my dear friend! 

You humans have only just begun to understand what you are and why you walk on this planet.

It’s easy to get confused. 

You have so many choices in everything in your life. And in all these choices, it is easy to lose sight, focus, on what really matters, in order to live the true life on Mother Earth.

If you want to live the true life on Earth, you have to start with:

to get to know Mother Earth!

We teach our own children about the Earth first. Then our children get to specialize in an area where they have the most interest. This is how we give our children the true basic platform for life here on Earth.

If you don’t know what the floor looks like, it is not easy to put up the walls, windows and roof then? Right? What does the house look like then?

What does life look like if you don’t first learn about Mother Earth? Maybe life gets a little “crooked and wintry”?

You dear people are only at the beginning of your learning about Earth. Although more and more people are now waking up and really want to learn about Mother Earth and we see it as something very wonderful and positive! 

The first thing you can do is just listen to her, and do it in silence, in your heart, in peace and harmony. Only when you have settled your musts and dos, and when you have let go of your own demands on how this should be done…. then you will feel a new connection!

Your contact with Mother Earth is open when you are completely undemanding and your heart is full of love and gratitude. It is this channel through which Mother Earth communicates.

You humans will regain your joy, your true hearts joy, in connecting with Mother Earth, for you will remember on a deep soul level that you have missed connection with your primordial mother, who in turn has missed each and everyone of you, and always, always waited for you, and always loved you.

You are truly awaited and You are truly so incredibly loved and Mother Earth knows what each one of you is going through and she wants nothing more than to hold Your hand like the loving soul that she is.

So dear children, love your feet, every step means something very much and our dear Mother Earth feels your steps too because every step touches her, so never think that anything in your life is meaningless.

Now retrieve your faith, and your power to a life of exuberant flow of love and joy together with your planet Mother Earth.

We are Vittra and we love you!

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