We are a community, we are a realm that are connected throughout the Universe.

We are winged and air is our element.

But of course all elements are equally important to us.

Air is our first natural element, but we have to get to know, understand totally about all the others as well, so we get the correct balance.

It is the same for you, my dear friend!

You are of the element of Earth! And air is vital to you, as well as water! And yes fire is vital to you also!

“You have to ground yourself to be connected”! Have you heard this before? I guess so!

Being grounded is Alfa and Omega for you! Being grounded is actually a basic thing for you! It is necessary for you to feel alright!

Do your grounding apart from modern technology, as for instance, especially that technology that is wireless. Step away from it when you do such an important thing as grounding.

The more “un-plugged” you are, tand he less of wireless technique surrounding you, the better!

Stay away from the screen! Un-plug the router! Turn off these kind of device. And breathe! Breathe your lovebreaths and get in touch with us!

Modern technology makes it harder for you to be properly grounded!

Being grounded is your way to staying connected with us!

When you are adamant, and thorough in your everyday routines to really ground yourself, you open a door to higher realms and states of being.

We could make a long list of negatives when it comes to wireless technology, but you already quess this or know about it.

So work on this, taking it down to a minimal! And open the space for yourself! Get out and make real friends! Begin where you live in your own neighborhood! Brake the spell of the screentime that you have in front of your face daily.

Meet new friends face to face instead, and why? This is real life! Meeting friends on screen, is something else, don´t you agree?

When you put yourself first, and your wellbeing as a soul here on Earth, then you really understand the meaning of fifth dimension life.

We can contact you from the fifth dimension, but you have to work on it! Once there you will fly with us and we will show you many things.

We love you,

The Sylphs

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