What a beautiful Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck reading from the Sirians! I am always amazed at the timeliness of the cards, and this fits perfectly with our overall energy of Wholeness integrating.

Especially as Areon has been harping (in the good way) on getting your loving intention/energy/information into this world.

Wow! So necessary now as humanity purges through deep pain on the world stage.

It’s not your problem to solve, it’s your Love to salve.

That takes courage when things seem bleak or are (or may be indirectly) effecting you, ones you love or humanity you love.

You are not alone. You are supported by Gaia and Life in many unseen ways.

Earth Connection.

You have to look deeper than what-is. You have to feel into potentials that aren’t guarantees. You have to take the high road [444 x2] that promises vistas not available presently.


Adjunct Card

I always like to look at the card on the bottom of the deck after a reading, just to see what additional message it adds. This one – YES! Quite a great support. Not always easy. Those Orions!

The Orion suit is all about releasing. The card is Judgment.

Releasing Judgment. Of course.

It actually reminded me of the healing intention for the Courage card from the video, I feel it is so connected to healing Judgment.

Neutral Judgment (or discernment) is a healthy thing. It is merely a result of observance and creativity, two constants [555] in linear time.

It is the scales of justice that weigh your heart against a feather. Do you have the weight of the world on your shoulders or do you trust Life to inspire evolution and action?

Compassion within is key to nurturing your inner creative space – where the potentials of the future reside.

Releasing Judgment sets you free. It takes courage to allow.

It takes fear to control, blame or manipulate. Lots of that going on in the world.

Be in the world but not of it.

Have the courage to let go of unhealthy control.

Have the courage to trust Life.

Have the courage to choose the future you want to experience and Love Love Love that into the future of Earth.

The passive force of Love doesn’t control, it compels. If there is resonance, it compels.

It is the invisible engine that creates.

Even the love of power is an aspect of love.

Love always prevails, it is the binding force of Life. Unconditionally.

Your voice matters.

Your love matters.

It’s how matter is created.

Neutral Judgment allows you to see, hear or feel what you don’t want – and then choose what you will experience within.

Within you, within life.

With Life.

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