We are all around, we are the Realm of Cygnus.

We love you dearly and we know what steps you have taken in your lifetime on Earth, nothing is concealed from us.

We have felt every tear on your cheek and we have felt all of your heartsjoy too.

We where there when your heart was broken and when you walked in the valley of the death and you had lost all of your faith, as well as hope and love.

We embraced you with our wings at times when you did not believe in anything, because all you met was deceit and lies.

And as you sat at the bottom of the deepest abyss and all you knew was that it was all over and you had surrendered to the will to live, and you made preparations of your own free will. 

Then suddenly a light was lit in the dark. And you found your light again and it came straight from your own heart.

You re-discovered yourself, you where born again after years of torture like Phoenix.

And yet we always waited for you!

For we knew you would come back.

The light you carry is so unique! It is a newborn light even though you have carried it with you always through eternity.

And we see all of your unique lights and they all sing the most beautiful song of peace and freedom and of love. 

You are unstoppable, because love has already won!

And as you are the warriors of love, we say,

now we bow before you!

Yours forever

/The Realm of Cygnus

💓Hallo dear friend! I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from the realm of Cygnus.

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/ Kerstin Eriksson

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