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Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are concerned you are not adjusting to your new being rapidly enough or correctly. That just being feels counter-intuitive. That you have to do something or be something to continue transitioning.

The truth is you have transitioned. And an element of that transition is peace. The ability to start and end your day without agendas, have-to, or shoulds.

Many of you believe you must meditate, pray, journal, or do this or that because others claim they can help you continue your journey as long as you follow the actions appropriate for them.

You no longer require teachers, gurus, exercises, or the right thoughts or actions. You have arrived.

From this day forth, you determine what is fun or right for you.

Some of you are concerned that you do not have indicators allowing you to know what to do. Or it’s easier and faster to follow dictates from those who claim to have answers for you.

No one other than you has the answers or techniques that are correct for you. You have transitioned from student to instructor.

That last statement does not necessarily mean you know all the answers for yourself – and most definitely not for others. But instead, you are a new instructor graduate peacefully pausing as you determine what actions seem interesting.

Perhaps our statements seem odd given that with a few words, we of the Universes indicate you are an instructor. So who are your students? Those following you – and you. You are a student of yourself.

As you evolve into that role of self-instructor, your statements, actions, and reactions will be the classroom for those who follow.

You are no longer of 3D, including the eons of roles you took for granted. Many 3D instructors amazed themselves by discovering they learned as much as their students preparing or presenting certain materials. So it is for you now, only in a different format.

The 3D format of instructor teaching concepts to a classroom of students is no longer necessary. Your instruction will be your life actions. The student/teacher division has disappeared.

Granted, the student/teacher format will continue for some time in the 3D world. But those who have transitioned beyond 4D will not find those interactions interesting. Instead, learning will be life lessons acknowledged as that life is displayed.

Instruction will be more observing and incorporating those observations into your being without formalizing the action with, “If you say or do this, you will be successful.”

What is suitable for others is no longer right for you. Not because they are trying to cheat or harm you, but because you are no longer part of 3D group think. You are a unique individual with unique needs and actions.

Many who base their teachings on their rightness of action will discover that fewer are interested in following their path. Their followers will expect broad parameters of interest – with limited or no shoulds.

There is no longer a diet, meditation, action, belief, or interaction applicable to all. The only directive appropriate for you now and forever is what interests you as generated from within.

The channel or guru who once provided you with a sense of rightness or safety no longer shines that brightly. For you are a new independent being in a new world.

In the past, everyone was a green thread in the earth’s life tapestry. So those who successfully mastered the green thread life had an expertise valuable to all who wanted their green thread to shine.

Now that the earth’s tapestry of life has become a vibrant tapestry of millions of colored threads, no one person or activity is an expert in the new earth’s totality.

While it is true that those who are the gold, green, or blue threads might find one another and share experiences, each thread may also decide to change color or create a new color. Everything of the earth is in flux and will continue so forevermore.

Your new world is about exploring new earth colors, actions, and places, as well as exploring the same in other locations. There are no longer any givens. As a result, there are no longer valid instructors for the masses. ThreeD teaching can only occur when the end product is a given.

Allow yourself to flow into this and that thread of interest. You are doing so to explore as much as you like in your new hybrid being of heaven and earth while residing solidly of the new earth in its new multi-colored format.

New is your direction. Expected formats no longer apply to you or any being transitioning beyond 3D. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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