There are several realms on and in Earth! And one of them are the Mineral Kingdom.

We represent the silence, we never speak, or do we?

Today the Opals will speak! 

What are we? Who are we? We are a society, we are a consiousness, we are gathered wisdom.

When you dig for us and find us you think: Wow you are so beautiful, how can this be?

And we appreciate your forthcoming feelings for us! Yes we do!

But you miss out on a big thing, a very big issue!

Everything is energy! This you know already! Otherwise you would not read this text!

Every hard material, is hard for a reason! Sometime before the hardness began, the material was not hard.

Once we lived elsewhere and now we live in your ground. And when we lay in your ground we share information into the ground and then later into the roots of Earth. 

We have patience! A lot of it! We wait for a long time to be ready! Everything on Earth started with the big bang! It was a big mix of different components. And so now we are here! And you find us and like us! That is marvellous!

Where there is deserts today, there were other sceneries before, it has actually shifted many times.

We know! Because we have been hanging around for quite some time now!

We hold your history in our hands! We can tell you!

It is a matter of: being able to listen! And being patient!

Now you love to wear the jewellry and that is nice! Just imagine that you wear a piece of history that could tell you very much about the Earth´s history!

But for now we are quiet, and we await someone that are willing to listen to us!

In fact all the ground, all the land has a lot to say, not only us, the Opals, but all minerals have something to share with you. And we all have gathered different kinds of wisdom about different things, and we are sure that it all would interest you a great deal!

Sometimes you seek a mineral to aid you in your spiritual quest and we the Opals represent:

You open up to a higher way of seeing and feeling things, as you hold an opal in your palm. 

You should know that you yourself are even more beautiful than we are, and you should not look outside of you, we advice you to find your sanctuary within yourself, in your heart. 

You hold your own knowledge just as we do and you find this when you close your eyes and have faith in your spirit guidance. And yet we can add new wisdom to what you already have! 

Dearly beloved´s we look forward to our meeting,

//The Opals

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