I am Michael and do you know what I do?

I follow you! I am near you always.

Some of you say that archangels are never really close to souls on Earth but that is really wrong, because we are.

We represent a piece of a cake to say it in a simple way. And there are other pieces too, that other presences fills up.

Your spiritual connections can be described as a cake, with many pieces.

The etherical presense for a human soul is complex. Yes it is. There are also layers in the cake. Not only pieces.

What matters is what I do, don´t you think?

What I choose to do with my piece of your cake, that is a little part of you, is higly essential.

My piece has everything to do with love and protection to do. It has to do with gratitude. It has to do with peace from the heart.

The piece that I represent, does not compete, or fight. My piece of your spiritual connections is always friendly and warmhearted.

Sometimes you are confused about “what are my connections with the ehterical realms really”?

It is easy to be confused! And sometimes even feel disoriented?

Maybe you should hear me out!?

Your heart is the transmitter and receiver to the messages and feelings from me, always. So when you have an etherical connection ask your heart:

Is this a friendly connection? Does if feel loving and caring? 

A good friend would never do anything bad to you. Or say anything negative to you.

I am a good friend to you if you like. And it is like a walkie-talkie!

Do you know how a walkie-talkie works?

It is a little communication machine and everything on it is based on different channels.

I always use the love channel. And on your communication device, there is only one love channel. And there are many other channels too.

If you are in contact with entities that call themselves your guide: 

Make sure they are nice to you. Make sure they treat you like a good friend, always. And if you have any question here, please ask me whenever you like. You can always reach me on the love channel, I am here waiting for you.

Some of you struggle with “guides” that are not nice to you?

Is is all about respect. 

Would you welcome a bully into your own home? Then do not accept a “guide” that is not nice to you. 

This is a learning process. And you do not meet anything that you can not handle.

Everyone goes through this process. 

Because you need to learn to put down your feet, and say no, when there is something you do not feel comes from the source of love and truehearted friendship.

I am actually next to you, when you handle these entities that treat you bad. I am waiting for you to say: NEVER MORE. STOP. GO AWAY.

If you yourself treat anyone that you meet with respect and care, then you should want to be treated in the same way yourself? 

No matter if it is etherical beings or human beings. 

Just remember that you ARE protected all the time. 

Even if you wonder where I am at times. I am steering you into the realm of self-guidance and self-respect. It is of highest necessity that you only answer to yourself, conveying yourself to be your own boss at all times. 

I am not your boss. God is not your boss. 

You are a part of God, you are a part of me. And we want you to be strong, and independent.

If you so desire that the world will be a better place to live in, it always starts with yourself. 

You believe in love and you meet and embrace people in this energy. But you need to learn to say no in a gentle way to not nice beings as for instance “guides”, please do not accept anything else than tender love and care, because that is what life is all about? And it all starts with you, it all starts within you.

You learn everyday, and I am always a piece of your life, and God and I need you to be strong and knowing that you worked yourself through whatever you encountered in your life. 

Do not be afraid to say no, if you meet anyone, or anything that does not operate with the sense of good friendship, gratefulness, loving care, just say no, and ignore thereafter.

I will pick these entities up as soon as you say: never more, stop, go away. And then I take them to heaven. To a healing facilitiy that will change these beings into a good and positive mindset.

Yes all comes to heaven eventually. When you say no, go away, you do not kill, nor do you maime the entity. You use your right to say no to negative behaviors. This is your birthright as a Lightworker. 

A Lightworker brings love and empathy into this world. And sends away sad and negative beings with me, Michael, so they can be healed.

You are okay, you are actually made of love. So do not accept anything else but love.

I love you,

Archangel Michael

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