As we steep in these intense incoming energies, one thing is definitely changing. The intuitive input and guidance is growing very strong, so strong that we are finding we have to go with it. We were always supposed to have this guidance, and as we settle into it, it will feel absolutely normal.

For now, we may find ourselves still questioning it, but just know that this is the direction we are headed. We won’t be thinking our way thru everything. Instead we’ll be riding an intuitive wave of knowing.

This energy was very strong on Monday. I went to mail a package and as I headed back home, I suddenly felt a super strong push to go deal with getting a new phone. I had planned to do it on Wednesday, but the push to do it carried me to the store, and the phone is now ordered and on its way. I was not looking forward to this experience, but when I went with this intuitive wave, the doors opened and everything clicked. It was effortless.

As I was feeling this intense push energy, I was observing that part of me wanted to go home and do some more pressing things on my list. But I also honor the intuitive information and go with it when it presents. It usually presents with a feeling of do this now. But today’s push was many notches beyond anything I’ve felt before. It was a strong current of intuitive energy and I was not being allowed to talk myself out of it.

We are going to find that this intuitive wave pushes us out of our comfort zone and out of our habit to think our way thru our day.

I had another experience with it a few hours later. I was expecting a package to be delivered and I finally got a notice that it was on my porch. There was a “proof of delivery” photo, too, but it wasn’t my porch. I couldn’t tell whose porch it was. The photo wasn’t good, and a family member joked that it looked like it was taken with an iPhone 1. But the push began again to get in the car and check the neighborhood. As I backed out of the garage, I felt that I needed to go north. And there was the package on my next-door neighbor’s porch.

Intuition is one of our tools, and it’s becoming very strong. The Indigenous Tools card is from my New Earth Experience oracle deck.

This intuitive push is strongly overriding our thinking, and thus it feels unfamiliar. But see if you notice it, and see if you can go with it. It appears that we know way more than we think we do. All we have to do is follow the guidance.

Often in conversation people will say things to us that have a meaning beyond what they mean—at least for those of us on this path. The woman who ordered the phone for me said, “this phone has a way bigger antenna than your old one.” It was so apropos for what was happening. We’ve got a way bigger antenna now, too.

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