We have entered a period of acceleration. If you are having trouble staying awake during the day or needing more sleep, that is why. We are fast-forwarding into unification with Self. And this means the old self is going belly up.

You may be feeling on edge. You may be feeling like you’re not sure what is taking place. You may be experiencing purges and a need to rest. You may be spending more time alone in the respite of quiet.

We are still doing our work, because that is what we are here to do. We are asking for the guidance and insight, and indeed that guidance, which has been with us for all our lives, whether we used it or not, is coming into its full splendor. We are getting the messages. Take a moment to listen to these, to honor them. This is your own power, your own divinity at work. Our guidance helps us in every moment and keeps us pointed in the direction of our sacred mission. As we embody all these cosmic energies streaming in from out there, we step into our wisdom, our sovereignty and our creative power. We’re blooming like my amaryllis, which has 12 flowers on 2 stems.

We’re blooming like my amaryllis, which has 12 flowers on 2 stems.

There is no stopping us now, even if we feel we are dragging.

As we leave 2023 and enter this new year, we will be aware of so much. We have been disconnected from the old world. This past week, I was shown a giant pair of scissors literally cutting the cords to the old. It’s gone. And while we still interact with it, you will notice how empty it feels. Many have noticed how strange Christmas felt, and even people in my community who are not consciously doing this work told me they took down all their decorations on the 26th. “It was done” one of them said. “It was over.”

And so the intense work that we are doing, daily and nightly when we are making an effort to sleep, is impacting absolutely everyone. They are all feeling the demise of the old and the wave of incoming new that is sweeping everything out and breathing fresh life into all. The new consciousness is here. We are in it. This is our new milieu. We now speak from the heart and act from the love that is permeating every cell in our being.

The spark that we came in with is on fire and we are lit with the light that infuses us. Our mission is clear. Our focus is pure. Even if the old thoughts and doubts pop in, we are quick to dismiss them and say no to operating in those old ways. We’re riding dragons. We change the weather. We call in what we need. We create magic. It’s a part of us and it’s all around us.

So celebrate the advent of this New Year. Give thanks for your new Self. Wear the sparkle of your divinity. Raise a glass to your holiness. What we’ve done is nothing short of miraculous. Take one moment over the next few days to close your eyes, ground into the New Earth, center, calm yourself, and invite the miracle in. Breathe it in, bring it in thru your crown chakra, feel it permeate your being. Really feel it bring you to life. Feel the color of it. Feel the light. And go forth in this New Year with this miracle strong within you. And know, really know, that nothing is stopping us now.

We are the bearers of this new light. We are spread all over the planet. Our light is bright and strong. As the New Year begins, may we all sing out, This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This holy light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This immense light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. This light is the New Earth and the new way of being.

Shine your light, because it’s time. We are the ones. And we have created something breathtakingly beautiful, brilliant and wonderful for all who are ready to open their hearts and live in a new way.

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