Can these energies get any stronger? And yet we are definitely integrating them quickly now and moving into increasingly higher frequencies, and seeing our base of operations buzz with even more newness. We’re feeling the heart center expanding, and we’re feeling the experience of moving past limitation into a whole lot we don’t yet know as we shift into connecting with a cosmic version of our self. This is bringing us new experiences as this expanded self sees and feels and knows its connection to the universe.

A message came thru this week: The light we are taking in is then moving out specifically thru our eyes. We see with new eyes and people see us in a new way. Some are drawn more to this light, some move away from it, not yet ready.

We are also feeling happiness for no reason other than that is our natural state. We are steeping in this happiness and feeling the gratitude for being on this planet at this time. As we have come to know, this is truly a unique time as we embody the new consciousness and all that it offers.

Sunday, for the first time ever, as I carried a small box, a bird flew up and landed on it. We looked at each other before it flew off. It was the kind of connection I’ve imagined, where wild creatures are not afraid of us because we cause them no harm. I have been feeling this potential coming. They’re as curious about us as we are about them. We are feeling the meaning of All Our Relations as we all go about our business on the New Earth. When you pick a weed, you jiggle a star. When you love yourself, the light increases everywhere.

Many are asking when this will be done, and it’s understandable. Many of us have been involved in this process for years. Every time I wonder about when, I move to a new level, where once again I feel the love and the wonderment in a new way. Lately, each time it feels like this is the moment, and it’s not. Yet we are moving to new levels in increments, as quickly as our bodies can adapt.

We are making beautiful progress in evolving into our cosmic self. The Star Origin card is from my New Earth Experience oracle deck.

Sunday night, feeling the latest round of energy coming in and keeping me awake until 2 am, I also felt incredible love and happiness and gratitude. We are all going as fast as we can, and we’re noticing the changes taking place around us. We’re noticing the drama taking place around us as well, and yet our lives are peaceful and joyful amidst the challenging energies. We’re not bothered by as much as we used to be.

So we give thanks as we feel ourselves carried by this current of love consciousness. Some of us are realizing we’ve been involved in this process our whole lives. We can see the perfection of our guidance.

So continue connecting, continue embodying all this light. We’re making this shift happen, and we’re aware that it’s happening. And we can see the changes in ourselves and others. As we approach the Solstice, we are making beautiful progress in evolving into our cosmic self.

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