Lately, I’ve started to feel more deeply than ever before how loved we all really are. Even in the face of big challenges last year, I could feel the angels all around, feel the Divine, and feel the little whispers of guidance that reminded me not to fall into the world’s view of what was possible but to remain rooted in the knowing that indeed, “All things are possible with God.”

You’ve read some of these stories. When I got the news of a potentially fatal diagnosis for a loved one, I took a breath and started asking for help in supporting their desire to live. They’re alive, living more fully, even with physical limitations, and improving. I now expect Divine help—not because I’m special or have some sort of favor due to my work, but because it is always given.

In hundreds of sessions, the angels have told people, “You are worthy because you exist.” A cell expects help from the nervous system, and as a part of the body of God on earth, we can expect help, too. The more I let go of my worries and concerns and focus on enjoying my day, the quicker solutions, answers, and desires appear.

This year, my “want to do” list is insane, to say the least. I decided to make my life easier. I asked for “too much!” I gave the whole list to Spirit with this prayer, “Dear God, you know I want to accomplish all these things in grac, flow, and ease. I want to enjoy the journey. I want to do these tasks at the optimal time in the optimal way. I want to attract the right help, the right wisdom, and the necessary resources. Guide me in grace. Help me want to do what is best to be done when it the timing is right.” Then I let go and followed my heart.

Last weekend, Spirit rearranged my schedule to answer that prayer. I woke up Saturday thinking I’d start preparing my taxes and was all fired up to do so when I had the sudden impulse to check the weather. It was a good thing. I had not known that we were due for a freeze that night, and my lemons would have become lemon-cicles. Sweet potatoes would have turned to mush. It was time to tend to the “farm,” as I call my backyard!

Out came the ladder, the protective jacket, and the elbow-length “rose” gloves I use when picking lemons. Out came the ladder and the pruning sheers. Up went the hair into the messy bun, and into the tree I went. Oh, the joy of picking lemons! You have to wear all the protective gear, or else you get scratched to heaven and back (even my sweet lemon tree has killer thorns!), but once properly prepared, I feel like I’m in heaven.

One with the tree, high in ranches, I was offered the incredible generosity of nature’s bounty in the form of clusters of lemons large enough to rival children’s footballs in size. The fresh scent was heaven. The day was cool and crisp. The birds sang. The leaves rustled, and the abundance of fruit made me feel like a million. I picked over a thousand, which I distributed to family and friends, except the ones I’ll be juicing and turning into lemon curd this weekend.

How much is too much? I don’t know. I can handle “too much.” The cup and the love runneth over, and my citrus abundance has delighted and connected so many people. I renewed a friendship with a childhood neighbor. I got to know a delightful inlaw’s inlaw. I grew closer to the folks at the postal store. My mom shared lemons with people who assisted her, and even my parents’ young neighbor family, whom I’ve never met, got some lemon love! This crazy, delightful, abundant tree is living juicy love! I was so happy that Spirit changed my schedule.

As if the lemon love wasn’t enough, the sweet potato patch required attention. As the sun dipped low on the horizon, I was hopping on a muddy shovel, overturning the crumbly soil to discover the little orange treasures that grew beneath! I am convinced that if watered properly, sweet potato vines would take over the earth and feed the world. They are givers. I turned up two whole cookie trays full of tubers and will revel in sweet potato delight for weeks!

I’m asking for more. More help in the timing of the gazillion things I have to do the next few weeks, more help in helping my loved one heal, and more help in achieving the creative projects that I want to bring into form. More time to make t-shirts and write the books floating around my mind. The “more” that I’m asking for isn’t depriving anyone else; it allows me to bless more.

“Fill it and spill it!” the angels like to say. The more I fill my life by allowing myself to focus on the good, listening to my impulses, and allowing spirit to help me, the more love I can share with the world. There’s a reason we say our “cup runneth over” when it does. When we allow spirit to fill us, we naturally want to share the goodness, the light, the love, and the joy. When we’re feeling full of love, we wish it for all. We become conduits for the currents of love that want to flow to all.

Here are a few pointers to help you make peace with the fact that there’s no such thing as asking for “too much”:

1.  Eating your peas will not save starving people

“Eat your dinner! There are starving people in <fill in the country> ,” was a very common saying when I grew up. I remember silently thinking as a child, “Feel free to send them my veggies!” I know now, of course, that the saying was meant to teach us that we should appreciate what we had when others didn’t have as much, but as a child, it made no sense to think that my “suffering” (eating cooked peas) would feed another!”

Depriving yourself of angelic or Divine help because you don’t want to take time away from others with more serious problems is as untrue as thinking that eating food you don’t like will save others from starvation.

The Divine has an infinite supply of love, resources, time, and energy. Instead of worrying about your prayers depriving others, think of all the ways you can bless others when your prayers are answered… or sooner!

2. You are worthy because you exist

Unworthiness is an mental virus that gets in the way of asking the Divine for what you really want, and then expecting it to come. We had to earn love from humans. We don’t have to earn love from the Creator.

The angels often say in readings, “You are worthy because you exist.”

A cell is worthy of nerve signals because it exists. You are worthy of what you desire because you exist. You are part of creation. You don’t have to earn Divine or angelic love. You already have it. They love you more than you love yourself.

Make a decision that you are worthy and then accept yourself without condition. The universe already does.

3. Test it out

Make a list of all you can think of that you truly desire, things you want help with, the ways in which you’d like to evolve, old habits you’d like to release, situations you want to be healed, physical conditions you want help with, etc.

Imagine putting your list in a balloon and releasing it to the universe or writing it down and closing the book. I used to have a box I tossed wishes in and then closed the lid, symbolizing the release. Everything I asked for eventually appeared.

Putting a desire in the box symbolized releasing it the universe. I didn’t let go of our desire; I let go of thinking about it, stressing, and wondering. When you let go in this fashion, you can enjoy your days, raise your vibe, and hear your guidance.

If you like, write a letter to God, put it in an envelope and date it to be opened next year. Let it go. Enjoy your days. See what happens

I grew up as many of us did, feeling like I didn’t want to bother anyone, impose on anyone, or ask too much. Like many of us, I projected those human-to-human ideas onto God. I didn’t want to ask God for too much. I didn’t want to impose my will upon “his will.” I didn’t want to “bother” my angels. Now I know that’s erroneous thinking.

The minute you admit a desire, the force that creates universes is on it. Your angels who adore you and celebrate your joy start guiding you.

Think of someone you dearly love, be it a human or a pet. You want to see them happy. You want to share the goodness in life with them. It would not be easy if they refused to accept your love. Ir would drive you crazy if they said, “No, thank you, I’m unworthy.” So, don’t drive your angels crazy 🙂 Seriously, you can’t even cause them to waiver from love, but you can allow them to love you. You can ask for help. You can sit, breathe, believe, and receive. They live to love and love to love. Let them.

The universe and the Divine have no limitations.

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