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Dear Ones,

Perhaps you have been stressed because of the new energies or your fear of the new.

You have free will – something you do not always remember or believe. What outcome do you wish? What creation would make your life more joyful? What part of your creative being are you not using or reviewing?

Your stress-related fears are attached to your inner being and creation skills instead of issues outside your being. It is not what “they” are doing to you. It is what you are doing to you.

Your questions and concerns can only be answered from within. No fairy godmother or magic bean is waiting in the wings to save you – nor will the Universes.

You are the only being who can save you.

Of course, many proclaim that such is not possible, that you cannot do what needs to be done or created without the assistance of someone or something out there.

Your new world is inner-directed instead of outer-directed. Something you forget or deny. For Earth eons, you were taught that you could not control your life or your being, that the Universes, a guru, or someone somewhere is directing your life. A truism when you were of 3D – but you are no longer of 3D.

You are a unique creator who has changed the world and yourself by being of the Earth in this lifetime.

You have all the skills you have granted to others. If this person or that Universal being was willing or interested in your cause – maybe, just maybe – your dreams would be realized. Only to have those dreams dashed more times than not. Producing unfulfilled dreams that were interspersed with an unexpected but so hoped-for dream.

Your dreams are no longer outside your reach. You can now create your dreams and solutions to dilemmas. A Jack in the Beanstalk or Cinderella dream fulfillment that you do not yet believe is possible. So you rant, rave, cry, and moan, expecting someone to care. But everyone in your arena is doing the same because few have actualized their new creation skills. Your expected solution to issues seems always out there somewhere instead of within you.

What fear is tapped with your anger or sadness? Where is that fear located in your body? Go ahead, sense through your body for your inner pain. And once you spot or sense a heavy area, ask what needs to be healed, changed, or removed. Then, do what you sense, feel, see, or hear.

This new world is much less complicated than you imagine. It only seems complicated because you add 3D solutions and fears to simple solutions.

Throughout Earth eons, you were taught that you were incapable of emotional self-care or self-creation. And that wound – and it is a wound – is so deeply entrenched within your being that you cannot comprehend who new you is or what powers you have.

Depending on beings outside of yourself, including Universal beings, is similar to a toddler trying to explain where and why their body hurts to their parent. Even though that parent has more knowledge than the toddler, that parent cannot be inside the toddler’s body; they can only make educated guesses.

Stop looking outside yourself for answers clearly defined within you. But then, many of you believe such is not possible – and so it is not.

Acknowledge your creative abilities and allow others to acknowledge theirs. Perhaps some of your fears or anger are attached to another being. Even that is created by your inner world. So start exploring in ways you were taught were not effective. Perhaps some of those techniques will not be right for you – but others will. Use simple inner scanning devices that you create – an inner X-ray, a sensation, a warmer-than-normal part of your body, or any method that works for you.

You are creating a new world within a world.

But the world you continue to be most comfortable with depends on others telling you what to do and when. A world that no longer exists for you.

It is time to use your new emotional healing skills to determine what you need. And to allow others to do the same. The fears of others are not your fears or your path.

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