The idea of evolution that we were taught in school always felt wrong to me, and even more so the day I noticed that the word itself started with LOVE spelled backwards. It was as if there was misinformation intentionally. With it came a feeling that what we need to do is right the spelling and put love in its rightful place—at the center of who we are as sovereign beings and holders of the powerful light that is helping us to remember and shift into newness.

As we go thru this process, transforming into new versions of who we are, we become increasingly aware of how backwards everything has been. The more we move into wholeness, the more we align with love and make it a part of us, the more we can see that things have gotten very turned around. We become able to see how energy works. Once we step out of our everyday lives, we also discover how much magic is around. We move into a universe that is interactive and alive, that is responding to our thoughts, that is watching out for us. We come to the realization that we don’t have to live in the confines of artificial limitation. We begin to be amazed by what is taking place.

By clearing the patterning and programming of the old world from ourselves, we have moved into spaciousness and freedom. We have stepped into a new way of being that we want to share with everyone. But we’ve been in a holding pattern because there are many who are not able to hear yet what we want to share.

This week we were disconnected from the old world, from the trappings of 3D. It was like a cord was snipped and we were free. It was very much like we were born into our new worlds. I’ve been observing this to see how it would play out, and one interesting thing that happened was we had a windy, rainy storm in the area where I live, but the winds sounded like they were somewhere else, some distance away. It’s the first time I’ve noticed that. One of my neighbors commented about how strong the winds were, and I said I really hadn’t noticed them. He said, “How could you not notice, stuff was blowing everywhere.” Yes, stuff was blowing everywhere in his world, but not in mine. This won’t make sense to those who aren’t there yet, but we will experience this change. Because these are the worlds we are creating.

We still interact with that outer world and people in it, but you may be seeing that many of the triggers are gone. These are simple interactions to get things done or to respond to someone. But we are not investing our time and energy there now. You’ll have your own experience with this, but see what you notice.

Let the power of this sink in. Let it infiltrate your awareness. It’s more Love coming in. It’s more wholeness. It’s more magnificence. We are truly unstoppable now. And we’re living in the New Earth we have worked so diligently to create. Hold this space for you and everyone you love. Hold it for everyone as they too move into readiness. This is so close now.

We are in a very quiet, calm time as we create our new worlds of peace, harmony, balance and love.

About 20 years ago, I went with a friend to see Amma, an Indian Hindu spiritual leader. I didn’t know much about her, but my friend wanted to go, so off we went to spend a weekend sitting with her. She was an avatar, my friend said, which in Hinduism is a manifestation of a deity. I was new to the world of energy and I wanted to experience as much as I could to see what was possible. It was summer and we stayed in the campground adjacent to the venue. All day we sat on the ground in the presence of Amma. We sang songs. We received hugs from her. There wasn’t much sleep. We heard stories from her devotees of how they had asked her for help when in trouble, and she was able to come to them and help them remotely.

On Sunday afternoon my friend and I headed home. We had a 4-hour drive and while she was driving, I dozed off in the front seat. Within a few minutes, Amma came to me in a dream. Wake up, she said, you’re going to be in an accident. I opened my eyes to see that we were on a rural highway in the middle of nowhere and not far ahead were some railroad tracks. The crossing gates were down and my friend, who was going 60, had not noticed. With seconds to spare, I said “Stop!”

She was shocked and grateful for me telling her. But I wondered, how does that happen? How do you explain that someone you just met, that you really don’t know, can come into a dream and wake you up and prevent you from being in an accident? This was the very thing the devotees had talked about.

I really couldn’t explain it.

But it showed me that something was taking place that was beyond what I knew. It was one of many things that happened that made me realize I had a lot to learn, a lot to discover. This world of energy is beyond our 3D world and many of us have been finding our new homes there. We see that we are in the unified field, where nothing is separate. Our actions have impact. As the naturalist John Muir said, and I paraphrase because this was the first way it was told to me, “Pull a weed and you jiggle a star.”

We’ve all been jiggled and rattled and now we move into sovereignty and create our New Earth. We claim our power and we use it. We anchor all the heavenly light we are being showered with. We expand into our beauty and magnificence.

See what you’re noticing around you with this disconnect. We are in a very quiet, calm time as we create our new worlds of peace, harmony, balance and love. And we’re holding this space for everyone. This is our new home, and we’ve made it happen

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