There are so much love in the world, and yet there is also so much torment.

Love is the energy that heals us!

So we have to love ourselves always!

We have to build the bridge of love and never give it up!

Every moment, every breath and every step that you take makes a diffrence!

Every brick in this bridge is up to you! And for each time you put another brick into the bridge there is a great hurray from the heavens.

Every brick that you can build your bridge of love with is a miracle in a world of terror.

Cheerish every tiny brick! Please!

You maybe think that it does not matter? Your bricks? That they are not loving enough or not pretty enough?

I promise you! The bridge that you are building are the most beautiful bridge of love. A sight for sore eyes.

Your bridge is so extremely important! It might be a little wobbly or scarred or whatever, but it is YOUR bridge, with your love that no one else has. Be proud instead! Of you, and your walk on earth!

No one is perfect! I was surely not perfect when I lived on Earth but I could not shut up, I expressed myself, what I felt! And please do so too! Shout it out! What is important to you!

No one is ever perfect in this world. We are mirrors of our lives and we have a choise to use our heart and voice or pen to express ourselves!

If you believe in peace on Earth, speak up!

If you believe in truth revealed and that love will conquer all, start with your own love, your own truth, and speak up and tell how a better world looks like. Let other people see your picture! 

Let all people you know tell their story of how a loving world would be to them! Manifest! Imagine a better world now!

And say a prayer of course for God listens to you always!

Your heart is your telefone to God, never forget that!

I love you


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