Even though many of us were not in the path of the recent solar eclipse, we were all impacted by it. You may have even felt the eclipse energy moving thru YOU as the moon moved in front of the sun. I did. I was out doing errands. But suddenly I felt it, and I checked the time, and it was just when the eclipse reached totality.

I didn’t notice anything like that in 2017, when I was in the path of the eclipse. But we continue to become increasingly sensitive. We are able to see and feel so much more, not only with our third eye but our physical eyes and our other intuitive senses.

We are definitely releasing more of the old world, and we will see this in many ways. We’re releasing everything that no longer serves us as we navigate the increasingly higher frequencies and discover what we are capable of in these super-refined energies. Because all of it is new. And this includes even go-to spiritual techniques that we used in the past, because we don’t want to limit what we are creating now. It’s important to just be present in the energies to see what is there.

Continue to hold this powerful new energy in place and notice the peaceful, heart-based world being created.

This is the message I’ve been hearing. If you have a way you do something, look at it to see if there is a new way to do it. Allowing new approaches opens doors to new experiences.

We have to give up beliefs we’ve held and systems we’re trusted. This will work differently for all of us, but we will be given opportunities to test our new abilities as we continue to learn more about what we can do and how we can move beyond what the old world offered.

Many of us have learned healing modalities like Reiki. Our healing abilities are being expanded and added to. We are feeling our way into all this newness.

This past month, my cat was sitting on the back deck one evening, which he likes to do for about an hour or so. It had gotten dark and suddenly I heard a big dog run across the deck. I switched on the light and went out. A black lab ran up to me. From the darkness I heard a woman say, “He’s friendly.” She had just arrived at the vacation rental next door and for some reason brought her unleashed dog into my yard. I told her by law her dog needed to be leashed. She said, “Darn, I didn’t know that.”

My cat came in a few minutes later, limping. He was unable to use one of his back legs. Evidently in running away from the dog, he had injured it. The vet said he had torn his knee ligaments. Surgery was $4,000 to fix it. I asked if it would heal on its own. She said he would just get arthritis in his joint and would need to get (expensive) injections every month. I googled that drug later and found it had serious side effects, and he didn’t have arthritis, so that didn’t make sense. I came home feeling discouraged and realized the solution was up to me.

So I did some healing work on him. And the minute I started, the Pleiadians came in and put an energetic structure on his knee to stabilize it. I asked what he had done and they said, “He tweaked it.” It wasn’t torn? No. Tweaked. That meant he could totally heal.

I continued to do healing on him, and every day he was a little better. After 3 weeks, he was back to normal. Jumping, sitting, scratching, all of it, with no problems. I felt so thankful.

This was a reminder to me to remember that even tho we still have 3D services available to us, it’s important to also use whatever we know how to do in the higher frequencies. And our teams are working with us as we use our power in this way.

Today when I was out doing errands, I noticed everything was brighter and lighter. We’ve gone up in frequency again. We are grounding in all this energy and embodying it, we’re making it available for all those around us. And you may be noticing that people you know are now asking, “What is going on? The world is a mess.” We have known this was coming and we’ve been working hard to put the new world in place so that the transition is as seamless as possible. You may be waking up from dreams where you are out there in the astral doing your part.

Continue to hold this powerful new energy in place and notice the peaceful, heart-based world being created. We may be tired, we may not be sleeping well, but we are definitely seeing the impact of our years of service and dedication. As our beautiful New Earth emerges, we’re seeing the results of our absolute knowing that we could do this.

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