I love you! I am Sananda! Sananda is my cosmic name. I lived a life as you know it as Jesus.

The great awakening is my dearest mission here on your planet Earth.

What is awakening really about, you might think?

It is about awakening to your soulmission! And first you have to realize how your soul works! 

To try to live on earth today without acknowledging your soul will make it harder and harder to live here. And why?

The time is here when living means living through your soul is Alfa and Omega.

You have to feel yourself, feel your hearts intention at every heartbeat. 

Otherwise what will happen?

You will feel disorientated. You will feel a lack of energy. You will feel sad or like living without a purpose.

You are being called by your highest self, your soul. 

The awakening is not only a choise. It really affects your daily life. When you follow your heart, and when you believe in your dreams, you do the right thing.

The more you follow your hearts desire, to make this planet a good and loving planet to live on, then you will feel very good. You will feel balanced, you will feel focused and you have the positive energy to fuel your days work.

Maybe you feel afraid to let go of the old life, the old way of living your life? Maybe you are living comfortably and hesitate to do what you would love to do?

Well it is okay because your souls purpose awaits you of course, but the longer you put off the importance of this, you will feel like you are not doing the right thing.

You actually wait for the true you.

The true you have to go where your heart tells you to go. The true you have to follow whatever warms your heart with love.

You have to realize that your heart and soul have their own intelligence. 

And this intelligence is the true light, the true knowledge, about love, the energy of love, that souls are made of.

The more you merge with your soul, the more you peel of each layer of the onion.

And the core of the onion, the center of you, is your soul, and in there is the true you and who you really are. In there you find your true essence and your soulmission.

And everything you do that is not of your souls highest wish, the less you will feel anchored to love.

So, it is really important to understand this! It is not a game, and it is not a funny exotic choice you can follow because it is exciting. 

It is all about what matters. It is all about what really can bring peace and love to this planet. It is you. And your willingness to choose love.

All of Earth is stepping up and rising into a higher dimension, and everything follows.

The life in a higher dimension means going inside in the heart and leaving more materal behind. 

You are right now living in a material world, and that you will continue to do of course, but I mean that the focus must change from chasing every commersial product, items, and building a life around things.

This is the old way of living.

You still will live on Earth but your focus comes from your heart now.

Your heart does not need a new kitchen, or a new car.

Your new way of living in the fifth dimension is all about loving yourself and creating a good and joyful vision in your heart and then 

you create this on your outside, in your life. 

You will need materials of course but it must start with you and your soul, you are a dreamteam!

When you do this you are exactly where you are supposed to be. So be calm, be quiet for a while, and allow yourself to be grounded with nature, and you will find your hearts wish. 

You have a library of information within you, and you need time to contemplate over it. When you enter your library, you enter your world of wisdom, that you have gathered over all of your lifetimes in different bodies, living on Earth.

You are a master. Never think anything else. But a master have responsabilities towards yourself always. It is not easy to be a master. Because you have to find the way, your way. You have come a long way to be here at this time. You just have to realize that the answers come to you when you empty yourself, when you live stress-free. 

Seek solitude first and breath love in and out. Love your breaths everyone of them. Love yourself always. You are the temple, you have it!

And you have a great universal family and loving guides, that await your choise of path, and they then will assist you as much as they possibly can.

The library I speak about is the akasha library that you all have a part of. Each and everyone of you have a box of your own there. In your box you have all gathered information of your doings. I choose to say that all your gathered feelings have now assumed the color of white.

The white color is the color of God.

And why?

All feelings that you have ever felt, in all of your lives have a color and a nuance of their own. And when you have felt every feeling, all colors together transforms into the white color when you are finished in learning all lessons.

So when you open your akasha box, it will shine in a beautiful white light and this means that you can fully work with your soul.

You have to feel everything, you have to go through every feeling in life to learn about love, and the importance of love. And you always come back to the white color, always.

Love is the only way. Love is eternal. 

So now dear friend, take your time, take your precious time and just know in your heart that you are truly good enough and your soul are waiting for you to begin to work for a better world.

Yours sincerely,


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