This past week New Earth is clearly showing us the first established levels. It’s currently interwoven with the old world, and those who are holding high enough frequencies are then sliding into New Earth experiences during their day. In other words, the New Earth is now available more than I’ve ever seen it, and we can encounter it in many places. We are definitely having a multi-dimensional experience.

I saw this Friday while I was out doing errands, and it was so interesting. So while everything looks like you’re in the old world, you can notice subtle but definite shifts. I was walking into the local co-op when suddenly I saw a higher level appear and it felt like I slid onto it. The shopping experience was easy, as it usually is there, and then the checkout person, who is also a writer, motioned me to come thru his lane. We had a short conversation about writing and bringing in the new experience. But my whole interaction in the co-op felt like I was on a higher level, so to speak, and in the new energy. These things are hard to describe but it was almost like I had stepped onto a cloud of New Earth energy as I entered the co-op and then was on that cloud the whole time I was in the store. I even found a couple things I wanted that they have never had before. And things I was picturing that I wanted to find suddenly appeared, just as I pictured. The whole experience was effortless and I seemed to be creating as I shopped.

This energy is expanding by the day now. Thus we want to make sure we are creating what we want to experience. We’ve had lots of practice with setting our intentions and making sure we’re thinking about what we want to have happen instead of what we don’t want to have happen. With practice this becomes our new pattern, and then we can see things manifesting as we go about our day. We’re able to create so much now.

I stopped at five stores for my errands. Each time it was as if a cloud of New Earth energy appeared and I moved onto that cloud, that new frequency that was higher than 3D, and then the experience of shopping and doing errands was effortless. Every person I interacted with shifted their mood into “happy” immediately. In fact, the woman at the organic bakery, when I asked her how she was doing, said she was angry due to something that had happened and then she looked outside, saw the sun shining, and decided to let her anger go. “So it’s gone,” she told me with a lovely smile, “and all is well.”

This is the power of the work we are doing now, because what we are creating is impacting those around us in a positive and powerful way. We’re seeing that take place. And while we still don’t know how all of this will transpire, we can see what is already taking place. And it’s happening consistently now.

So as we move into higher frequencies with our whole being, our whole self, and as we hold those higher frequencies, we are seeing the new experience take shape all around us. Because that’s what is matching our new frequency: the New Earth. The more we expand it, the more those around us are pulled into it as well. So as we create, we are seeing it take shape, in so many ways. It has to, because our frequency has to be in matching frequencies. We’ve worked hard for this, so it is amazing to see it.

But we can now clearly see why it has been so important to clear our old patterns and to clear our physical spaces of things that no longer resonate. We’re changing and everything around us is changing, and it’s all beginning to gain momentum. As we become new, everything around us becomes new.

In addition, in my world. I’m seeing what I can only call miracles, as others step forward and volunteer their help for community efforts and community good. These are people who had not previously wanted to be involved. Not sure what changed them, but it’s good to see this as well. And it’s important, as I’ve been removing my energy from this work at the 3D level.

A large owl swooped out from the woods in front of me.

Early in the week I asked for a sign to show me what was taking place. A couple hours later, on my bike ride, a large owl swooped out from the woods by the road. It had been on the ground and flew right in front of my bike, just three feet from me. It was totally silent, and its huge wings carried it up into a tree, as you can see in this photo. Owl, when I looked up the meaning, represents something major ending, and something new beginning, a demarcation. So for those of us on this path, as the year 2022 ends, we are seeing the end of the old world as we knew it, and the beginning of a very new world. This large owl, which lifted up directly in front of me, was my clear sign that we are lifting even higher. And what I experienced when I went out to do errands clearly showed that our New Earth is becoming even more of a reality.

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