I once told you about the lesson in prayer I got from God and

a prayer has a freshness date, it lasts for 24 hours, til the next days sunrise.

So it is best to say a prayer in the early morning, just as Jesus always did.

Jesus always got up early – even before sunrise – and began to prepare for his prayer for the coming day.

The new day, is a new born day! It has never existed before!

So when you say your prayer, this is very important to know!

And what about intercession?

Well, this is also what Jesus did!

To say a prayer directly to someone, is more of a gamble!

Jesus had full faith in the good, in the love energy, and in GOD of course.

So he lay all the prayers in Gods hands to distribute in whatever way God thought is for the very best.

God and the angels know what is the best for a person or who you pray for! They can decide exactly when your energy will arrive to them.

When you say a prayer of love, peace, harmony, wellbeing, hope, faith for someone, you create an energy! 

And your prayer is like if you are writing a letter with love letters.

And you make God and the angels the letter-carriers.

You have your faith, and you totally trust God to deliver your letter of love, but you actually never exactly know when it will be delivered.

You actually have to let that go!

Because you know that God moves in mysterious ways, God is an enigma, but, anyway, he knows best! Always!

So if you say a prayer for someone each day for a year, God can use all this energy in one single time!

To save this person, with a miracle!

Or he can distribute the energy a little bit each day! It is up to God for he understands of course exactly what the person in question needs, you do not have to worry one bit about it!

Let your worries go, and have fullhearted faith in God and his distribution of your prayer!

I always say “Dear God, I say a prayer for xxxxx and I wish from the fullness of my heart that this person xxxxx gets full healing and recovery. 

So say your prayer from your heart and adress the love-letter to God  the love-letter-carrier!

It is also safer! You also give a natural protection to the person to allow God to handle the energy delivery!

I think it is natural to say at least two prayers a day!

But you do whatever you prefer!

So come on now dear beautiful friend!

Let´s say a prayer!

I say a prayer for Mother Earth, world peace, protection for all children, for love to prevail. And for all the dear family and friends I know!

And I light candles too! I always light eleven candles at the minimum.

And this has to do with protection and I will explain this another time!

So come on dear friend and let us say a prayer!

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