Beloved Pela and Fadime!

A few years ago I was contacted by 2 spirits, two beautiful souls!

They explained to me how they died and it was very sad.
They were called Pela and Fadime in life here on earth. Now they are in heaven!
Both of these women were honor-murdered. RiP.💓💓💓

How can you justify killing and call it “HONOR”? How brutal can you get?

Some who take the lives of others do so because they believe they have the right on their side.

I think this is disgusting, and so evil and I’m pissed off as f-ck and very sad. Put these people in jail – those who do this, PLEASE! (All murdurers of course).

I’m a medium and I sense souls, spirits. Some visit me and talk to me and tell their story.
Several souls silenced and murdered contact me.
And I will not be silent.

If you are against honor killings, you can also join GAPF

Have a nice evening 💓

Welcome to my blog since almost 10 years. I am Kerstin and I am a psychic medium and healer. If you appreciate my texts feel free to support me on buy me a coffee. I in turn support GAPF a group that work against honor killings. I also support Amnesty International, and PLAN plus Djurens Rätt. Animal Rights protection in Sweden.

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