At the end of January, about midnight, I was visited by a white dragon. I was still awake. Normally when I see dragons, they are peaceful and co-creative, very obviously working with us. This white dragon was large, powerful and fierce; she was on a mission. Fire and pale green plasma streamed from her mouth as she roared. She was so large only her head fit thru my door, and I was happy about that. I wasn’t afraid, but I wanted to keep some space between us. Her message was clear. It’s time. I noticed the plasma coming toward me, getting closer. Finally it came up to my eyes, and then into them. My eyes felt so clear, like I could see in a new way. The plasma felt both healing and transformative, and it moved thru me.

We really don’t know how the shift will happen. But what if the dragons breathe this pale green plasma into our whole new realm in this year of the dragon? And everyone is changed at their core as we move into these new frequencies. We will be freed, enlivened, and uplifted as we make this shift.

So let me tell you what happened right after I asked this question.

I decided to go for a bike ride to allow any message to come thru. It was a nice Saturday, no wind, no rain, and the sun was peeking thru the clouds. It was 1:30 pm. That morning I had said, I’m ready for a miracle. I wanted to see that we are progressing in unmistakable ways and really moving into our new space. So I hopped on my bike to ride thru the neighborhood.

The energy shifted noticeably within minutes.

I had made a plan, but as I started my ride, the energy began to build, and the plan I had made changed. Looking back a few hours later, it felt as if I was swept into a movie or a dream. The pace picked up, and one thing after another began happening, all of it synchronistic and good and fun and interesting and unexpected. I ran into a neighbor who said, “Wait, I’m coming with you!” and she grew excited by what was taking place. I found myself just observing it, noticing how things were coming together in unexpected and incredible ways. Things were happening fast, creating something I wanted to create and had worked on a while back, yet it was now happening without effort on my part. I was simply riding my bike and enjoying my ride. Everyone we encountered was in an exceptionally happy mood, almost giddy, and caught up in the same fast-paced energy we were. I’ve never seen any of these neighbors behaving like that.

To make it even stranger, someone else has taken over all the work of creating this particular thing, and is covering all the costs. It’s literally just happening, and I am free to continue creating other things. And neighbors were excited to be a part of it and to contribute, tho right now the momentum is carrying this and no contributions were needed. I was on this ride for 4 hours (tho it seemed like an hour) as all of this was taking place in a whirlwind that was definitely other-worldly. Neighbors were texting me as I rode, stopping me to talk, commenting on what was taking place or asking how to be part of it. There was serendipity everywhere.

Finally, as the sun was setting, I came home to make dinner. And take stock. The New Earth is taking shape in unexpected ways, and some of it very quickly, as the creations we have worked on come into being. And we’ll see that we’ve already done the heavy lifting when we were still in the 3D world investing our time and energy. We will discover that others are very much pulled into the joy and possibility of these creations, as these are things they want as well. We all want a world that works, that supports us, that is peaceful and co-creative. And we will see the old fall away quickly because so much of the new is in place. It will be miraculous, just like this day was. I asked for a miracle, but I got more than that. And that’s what we will experience, receiving even more.

It’s been a long time coming, for sure. But what unfolded today in a cascade of serendipitous events and magical meshing was incredible to see and be a part of. We still have no idea how all of this will transpire, and yet the beauty and ease and cooperative spirit of this day show that we are in for some amazing and wonderful surprises. We are going to see the pieces of a cosmic jigsaw puzzle moving thru the air and coming together to create the beautiful visions we’ve held. We’re going to see our dreams taking shape around us nearly effortlessly. It’s happening. And all we have to do is keep dreaming, and hold the magnificent frequencies of the new consciousness with our deep-felt knowing and our burgeoning hearts.

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