I am a Mother and my name is Mary. I am. And you are!

You might be a mother too, or a father or a sister or brother?

But first you are! And around your body there is your aura!

There is no longer a mystery, how it all is woven together.

In your aura you have all information! For a trained eye there is your identity aura, that no one else has. And yes there are different layers of auras. There are different kinds and they all tell different information about you.

All of your layers of auras is dependent on your chakras! And number one of them all is your body, your physical body in whole, and it actually comes down to: your breathing!

So your breathing is so important!

Why do I bring this up?

What do you think?

Some of this you already know of course!

You own your breaths!

Why do I say this?

You think “now she must have gone nuts”?

Please cherish yourself! Please take good care of yourself!

What you do is important, for only you can do exactly what you do!

You are unique! And you leave unique footprints all around you!

Do you feel unique? Do you understand that you matter increadibly much?

Be proud of who you are! Love your breaths, every single one of them! 

Please stand up straight and be thankful for yourself, for you have come a long way to do what you do.

When you love each breath you take, you give love a chance!

Air and ether feels your intention directly and gives you love back in an instant! What you pay forward, comes back to you!

You are a light in the dark, but you do not see your own ligth, but we see your light and it is very beautiful.

In your aura you hold all of your knowledge about your animal guides, plant guides and more. 

By breathing with love, and with gratitude you can soon learn more about your friendly guides. Your aura and its layers are like a bank of information and vaste knowledge from throughout the universes.

Why is it so important to love ones breaths?

It is so very important to love your very existance and by doing so your confirm all that is you, you come to life! And your aura glows in its full light when you do this.

When you love your breaths you say: I acknowledge the air, and the ether and I say: I love you too, and right now I want to blossom out into the most beautiful flower together with my angel, my holy spirit.

Loving your breaths is a merger; it is a merry meeting!

We sing haleluja with the greatest joy and gratitude when we meet you in the holy garden of light, your light.

I love you

Mother Mary

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