It’s been very quiet lately, yet within that quiet there are interesting things happening that show our evolution.

We are in our new worlds and there are so many ways we are seeing this. Each of us will have our own experience with this, and it’s great to share to see the possibilities. One thing happening for me is this: Several years ago I developed a pain in my right knee and when I went to bed one night I asked the Pleiadian healers that I worked with for help. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning with my knee still bothering me. Unfortunately, nothing had happened. But the very next night, a Pleaidian woman showed up in my dream and asked, which knee? I told her and she briefly focused on it. I woke up the next morning and the pain was gone. It’s never come back.

I’m mentioning that because this same Pleaidian has been showing up in my dreams lately. It’s the first time I’ve seen her since that other experience. She pops in and answers questions that I’ve put out there during the day. I wasn’t expecting anyone to answer and it surprised me that she’s doing this. She’s been 100% supportive. We’re discovering how incredibly connected we are now as we continue creating our new worlds. We have all kinds of cosmic help related to our starseed heritage.

We are suns now, reflecting out to everyone around us the heart-based, sun-blessed frequency of the new crystalline experience.

I’ve also been getting unusual comments this week that show that people are seeing the incredible level of light we’ve embodied. Our rainy weather arrived after a beautiful sunny summer. I stopped at the organic bakery for a treat on one of these rainy days and the woman who helped me commented about the rain. Then she looked at me and said, “But you’re the sun!” The expansiveness of that recognition shot thru me. We are suns now, reflecting out to everyone around us the heart-based, sun-blessed frequency of the new crystalline experience. And that comment has another sense as well, because we are the son also, carrying the Christed aspect of the new time. The sun and son infusions are part of our new makeup. This is who we are, the embodiment of crystalline light and heart consciousness.

The next day someone else made a similar comment completely out of the blue. We’ve embodied all this light for the last few years so evidently now it’s time for it to not just show, but be seen.

Another unusual thing happened while I was riding my bike. A small moth flew by and I felt a wave of love. A couple minutes later another small moth flew by and the same thing happened. Then, for the next few minutes, there were waves of love coming from or happening with everything I passed. The heart-based consciousness of our New Earth is expanding and growing all around us.

One last thing I want to mention. The night of the 28th, after I went to bed, I experienced something else new: a “plasma flow” from my 3D body to my new high-frequency body that lasted for a couple minutes. With it came a stream of psychic pictures of many things that have happened recently or are happening now, so fast and so much that I can’t even remember it all. But our higher-frequency bodies are more tuned in. We’ve worked hard to create our ascension experience and it’s now happening in exponential ways. We’re creating it and experiencing it happen both, and the experience is magnifying, not only in us but around us.

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