These energies just get stronger and stronger, and we are seeing more separation from all things old as we move into everything new. In the last few days I have been noticing very odd comments from people in the old world, and they don’t even seem to make sense.

I got gas at the station I have been going to for the last several years. Recently the state I am in changed its law regarding the pumping of gas. We were not allowed to pump our own, but this summer that changed. And the gas station I go to has become self-serve. So when I pulled in, the attendant—a new employee—came over and said he couldn’t pump my gas, but he could show me how to do it. Mainly I needed help with how to enter what I wanted on the electronic doohickey so that the gas would dispense. The attendant showed me, and then he evidently felt like he needed to tell me why I had to pump my own gas. Here’s what he said: “Do you know how tired my arm would be at the end of the day if I pumped gas for everyone?”

I was feeling like a space cadet on this particular day as I ran all my errands and I just wanted to complete everything and go back to my house. So it would have been really great if he had been able to pump the gas. But I did it. Later I was talking to my brother, and he said, “Let’s hope surgeons don’t start to get tired arms. Can you imagine if you showed up and your surgeon said ‘I’m just going to tell you what to do so I don’t get a tired arm.’”

Our old world did have some things we enjoyed, like gas station attendants who would wash your windshield and check your oil and fill your tank, grocery store workers who would bag your groceries and take them to your car. The list goes on. To see it coming apart in this way is a strange experience.

We are moving to new levels. In these very high frequencies we know ourselves as never before. We have insights into many things, and innovative perspectives. We are feeling our divine connection strongly. And it is this connection that allows us to create and bring into our expanding worlds what we need and want. So while we see old-world things go away, we see fresh creations arrive: creations that support our active participation in the New Earth.

OK, something odd just happened that illustrates our growing creative power. As I was typing (or keyboarding), I thought of a word, then decided on another one, but without me typing it, the word appeared on my screen. Sometimes these woo things are unbelievable. But then again, totally believable because we know this is what is happening.

Anyway, we are at the point of seeing ALL the beliefs and ideas we have held come up for scrutiny and potential release. Which ones are valid, which ones aren’t? We are seeing the worry erased, the doubt released, the non-supportive behaviors falling by the wayside. We are opening to the fact that magic is everywhere, all the time.

The codes are clear, the resetting is amplified. I am seeing 1:11 and 11:11 frequently.

The New Earth is all about wholeness. Wholeness is our native state, our natural way of being. Every part of us is moving into coherence and integration with these phenomenal waves of energetic restructuring coming in. The codes are clear, the resetting is amplified. I am seeing 1:11 and 11:11 frequently. Our progress is amplified. We’re seeing more movement in those around us who are feeling and sensing all this change. The pace is accelerating. It’s clear that we are creators responsible for remaking our world. We’re moving into the light, mostly gently but kicking ass when needed. Our choice is clear, and we are lit up like never before.

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