Dear beloved I am Mother Mary and I must say: I am so proud of you!

You have grown, you have matured beyond all expectations!

Even though it is the natural way, the path that all souls walk. You as a carrier of Light, which is the same as the holy eternal knowledge of love, you have really worked hard against all odds.

And that is what signifies the Lightworkers on Earth, you are so wonderfully dedicated to your mission as you as a soul came here to do.

What I really need to speak about is that you have gone through worse things than you had enticipated, and still you did the job and you did it really well!

I am so proud of you and I have followed you always. I have not missed out on one single thing you have done! I have been by your side no matter if you cried or if you where happy, all I know is that your paths have been much more harder to endure than anyone could ever have forseen.

And now, I need for you, to be very proud of you and your work as not one single step is unimportant.

I actually want you to love your feet, I would be very glad if you would cherish every breath you have taken as you have walked on this souljourney on Earth.

It is all about respect! Respect yourself! All the dedicated souls that chosed to come here in this particular time in the elevation of Mother Earth, it is you who helped her, it is your blood sweat and tears but mostly your love for her.

Wherever you have walked you have left trails, footprints of your feet, and I am happy to tell you that they glow in the dark!

The colors, the most beautiful colors glow from these footprints and have left a loving and caring mark for anyone to follow if they can feel into its energies.

You have layed the foundation stones for the future transformations on Earth! Just as old souls layed the very primal stones for you to come in this lifetime to help you do your own transformations. It is a work of your dear colleagues, those that are a bit older than you, it is a perfect teamwork to be totally frank. You always pay it forward. Together you hold the line alive! The red thread, the thread of life!

When you have worked with yourself and done the tremedous tranformations of feelings, you also transform all your previous footprints and you can summarise all that you have done and say to yourself: 

From now on I will be proud of myself! From now on I will always know that I did it! I did transform all of my fears into the good light and into the light of love, and this is when all the steps you have ever taken suddenly transforms into the most radiant beautiful colors.

The steps surrounds you and is like a map of you! And I see them, I see every step and I know the colors, they are unique for you and I know exactly what you have felt and what you have worked with. 

You give liberation to Mother Earth as you do this important job! You make her more elevated as you take responsability for your own personal development.

I am so proud of you and I love you so much and please do not be shy to ask for my assistance in the name of love and humility and I will always hear you out!

Yours sincerely,

Mother Mary

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