I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

Today I will speak about the most important thing when it comes to love.

The ray and energy of love that you consist of, that exists within you and your heart, has a key.

You need to unlock the door first, in order to access love.

Love is an energy that is based on gratitude!

So when you maybe have problem with tuning into the love energy – it is always about how you approach love.

It is always gratitude that opens the door to love, the abundance of the holy energy of love.

I speak about the love that resides within you, that is what you are made of!

In times of worries and troubles look within to your heart where your inner sanctuary lingers. And ask yourself what makes you grateful!

Please make a list, write it down on a paper! Write 10 points of what you are grateful about in your life. Maybe you can make an even longer list! 

When you enter the realm of gratitude where Archangel Grace is an overseer you actually open a gate, a holy gate!

Entering the holy gate of gratitude means that you actually enter another realm, another dimension.

It is a language too, being grateful. You will be able to interact with new friends, new projects, a beautiful start of a new life.

So Archangel Grace will soon come to this page and present herself for you and when you work on your list of gratefullness you will be ready to interact with her, to connect with her.

She is already there in the realm of Gratitude waiting for you, and you are so dearly awaited.

I love you

Mother Mary

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