She, Mother Mary, is the loveliest of souls!
She gives me words! I am so grateful!
She lived in Samarkand as a little boy, a long time ago.
I am a medium, and a channel and I have a cold house, on the same latitude as Alaska, and I have large electricity bills.

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Länk till svenska texten om Utah den lille pojken i Samarkand, Moder Marias berättelse.
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Let the breath calm down.
Let the worries subside.
Let your shoulders drop and become relaxed.
Feel free to close your eyes. Do not worry.
Worry blocks love, your own love!
You ARE love. You are made of love and are a container of it.
Think of yourself as a microcosm. Your body is geography that contains mountains and valleys.
Forests and lakes. Waterfall. Green meadows. Flowering ditches.
I love you.
Rest in my arms.
I cradle you slowly in my arms.
You lie safely against my heart.
We love each other and our hearts beat in sync.
We are one with the calm and words do not need to be said.
The silence speaks. The silence is a great room of love.
We allow each other to breathe the breath of love.
No explanations are needed.
We are completely safe in the embrace of love.
A day is born and the sun rises.
The earth’s surface is slowly caressed by the rays of light.
Every second is a new angle in the new light.
The flowers have waited during the dark night, but also rested in the coolness.
The dew drops are in the cupped leaves and are what quench the thirst of many little lives.
Samarkand! I lived there for a long time!

I now live in heaven and can revisit my home whenever I want! Samarkand is modern today and a thing of the past, from when I lived there once upon a time. Everything develops and has its own time, even a city. A seed begins to germinate, grow, sprout and grow large. Then after a while it settles down again in the soil. Like a circle! Life never ends!
Life is a circle. After rain comes sunshine! The earth is allowed to rest, after a time of hard work.
The soil gets back its nutrition, which it lends to the seed that germinates.
The energy is the same. Overall, the earth’s energy is the same but lends its power to life, to the seeds that grow.
The seeds can grow very large and tall and then the soil also gets shade, water and life that can live below. The soil selects seeds that provide exactly what is needed, for the place.
There is no coincidence.
The earth loves you and helps you give your nourishment and love in the right place. If in doubt, ask the earth!
Believe! Believe in your right place! Your time is now!”

Part 1. Utah in Samarkand.
In Samarkand, the wind blew in the narrow alleys. The heat could be unbearable. In some alleys, people and animals gathered in the much-needed shade. The aroma in Samarkand was spicy with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. I was a little boy in one life and my grandmother baked bread every morning. We lived in the same household. I helped my grandmother watch over the loaves in the oven so they didn’t burn. I added more wood if needed.
Every day in the morning we lit candles and said a prayer. We held our hands and fingertips together. We loved to pray the prayers for peace and for love and freedom and for the joy of the heart. We were poor and we looked for firewood every day and we had one meal a day to eat.
We were still satisfied because we had each other and the sun warmed us, the rain gave us moisture and the wind gave us coolness. At night we looked up at the dark sky and watched the twinkling stars together.
My mother and father lived far away. We had drifted apart. They were going on a trip, but didn’t come back. No letters came, not a sign of life. But I had my beloved grandmother. She became my lifeline. She was my hub, as a little boy.
She made me see! She saw things I had never seen before! She gave me new perspectives on life. A lemon for me was something much more for her.
A bucket of water was to me a bucket of water and to my dear grandmother it was a cup filled with life!

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