I am Michael, and I serve God.

God is the good one. Then there is the bad one.

The second one is the one that makes you fall. 

God is the one that picks you up!

There is negative and there is positive energy.

The ultimate energy is when it is balance between them.

It is the same with feminine and masculine energy, it needs to be balance there too.

If there is no balance, it will be wobbly.

You are citizens of Earth, so you need to be earthed to feel okay.

You have seven different bodies!

You have one physical body, that you can scratch with your hand if you get a mosquito bite.

Then you have, your mental bodies, there is three of them. This is where all your thoughts are, all your feelings are, and where you think.

Then you have your aura. Your aura have three bodies too. 

So what do I want to say about all this? Why do I even bring this up?

Is it important for you to know?

Well yes it is important for you to understand this, not only for one reason, but for several reasons.

You as a human being is extremely complex! 

There is not only an on and off switch that you can pull to either side when it is convenient. 

You are an entire commandcenter of the biggest spaceship you have ever seen. 

You are connected in each layer, each body, to different realms, in a variation of dimensions!

But please, you think, it is confusing to read? 

Well let it sink in for a while! You are filled with atoms, neutrons, electrons, fotons, and water, blood, bones, and a heart!

Actually you have more than one heart too!

You have a heart in your aurabody. This etherical heart is very important! You share this heart! You share this heart with Christ! With Buddah! With God! With Mother Earth. 

This etherical heart has no greed. It belongs to love, and is totally free to fly wherever it wants.

So I need you to understand how many possibilities there is within you! You actually have no limit! Because love has no limit!

Love has no borders! Love is endless and so are you!

The most important thing you can do is: to choose love and you pull the love-switch to YES!

You as a human being have a free choice! Your free will!

Even if your choices seem small in your everyday life, you can still choose love as a path to go and live this way every minute of your life.

When you think you just have a body, and there is nothing to it, nothing special. It is when you don´t even understand what you really are, I have to make it clear to you. This is a part of my job for God.

Awakening to this new state of being, is the old way of living. 

Many millions of years back you knew. You where naturally connected with as you say nature. There where no borders between you and the tree, or you and the water, or you and the horse. This was just normal way of living. 

Now you are coming back to the future, realizing that you are so complex and limitless. How can I describe this?

You are an entire planetarium in a body! But you only see the surface many times and nothing else. You look outside of yourself many times and find everything else but the truth.

Close your eyes, and meditate! Say a prayer! 

When you close your eyes you will see!

With eyes open you will see the setting that the society presents to you, with the wobbly lifestile. 

As the imbalance has been built for thousands of years, the more open you are and the more you are in contact with your etherical heart, the more sad you might become when you see it. 

So dear friend close your eyes for a moment each day, that is my recommendation!

In your etherical heart you know love is the only way to go, you know love will win, and you know everything will be fine, it just takes time. 

I love you,


(I am Kerstin and I am the channeler of this message from  Archangel Michael, if you like my work and want to support me, please buy me a coffee! Have a lovely day! 💓)

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