I am a mother and my name is Mary.

It does not take me long time to feel that you are miserable and I will say, I am with you always and please let me assure you that you are on the right track.

The more you follow the path of love and the more you truly want peace and harmony and justice the more obstacles you will meet.

Those that rule the world at this point and has for the past thousands of years, want to continue to do so.

They don´t want anyone that proclaim peace from the heart.

Their power is still very big and they feed on negativity.

They can not understand love, or a truehearted joy.

They understand only negativites of different kinds.

They feed on fear. 

They would like you to be unbalanced and disharmonic,

so you do not reach your own full potential of the worthy lightbeing that you are.

And how do you detect a false lightworker?

If someone for example mistreats their animals, and then saying they are animal communicators, they are using the lightworker consept as an excuse to be bad.

A true lightworker does not spread fear, but say exactly what is necessary so that the truth comes forth.

Someone that really cares about Mother Earth and the living souls that she carries says to you to take the best care of yourself. 

How can you do a good job if you hardly can stand up yourself?

You have to start with yourself, then when you are strong you can help others.

I am a mother and I am here to aid you when you need it. You can never ask for me to much, I never get tired I promise you.

Be proud of yourself instead of thinking you lack different qualities. 

You have reached your goals as a soul on earth and there are yet much to do, if you prefer it. 

You know you have your entire team at hand and you are a true universal peacemaker, pleace reconnect with them on a daily basis or you risk forgetting about what strengths you have.

Ground yourself thorrowly each day as well, as all the new wireless techiques used for communication, monitoring every word you write and say, makes you less earthed, makes you dis-connected to the natural way of living.

Use all these kind of techniques as little as you possibly can. Turn it of, un-plug it whenever you can. 

I give you need to know information, not anything that makes you scared for you already know about these things, but it is good for you to work more on what is helping you, and healing you.

Earth is a complex system of different variables as metals, gases, minerals and more are constantly moving and expanding the energy around Earth, so there is a natural kind of radiation, but the radiation that comes from your mobiles, routers, and mobile towers and all that has to do with these techniques are not natural. 

Microwaves can heat your food in a minute, but can also heat up your blood and the water in your body. And all this to chase the time? A minute instead of 8 minutes on the stove?

Ask yourself why the chase for time is so important.

If you are in the firebrigades it is understandble that you are in a hurry if there is a fire!

But when you live a “normal” life, why the hurry? 

Life as you feel it and understand it is being rationalized into a tiny part, almost like the very life is being cornered, is it not important anymore?

Love time instead! Take your time to love instead! Love yourself! It takes the natural time to smell the roses, it takes the natural amount of time to give someone a friendly embrace and a reconnection to life itself without any hurry or stress. 

Let life and love take it´s natural time!

Love has its own pace, you can not rush it!

I am always with you no matter what, and the more connected you are, the more you can feel me, and all I can say now is,

I love you and you are perfectly safe with me always,

Mother Mary

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