I hold you and I love you, I am Mary.

My arms never get tired and I give you love from the bottom of my heart.

Sometimes life isn´t easy. Sometimes life takes a detour that you had not anticipated.

Sometimes the steps of life gets to heavy and you trip and fall.

In the bleekest of hours and when you feel utter desperation, I carry you!

You do not know that I carry you! But I am here, I promize you!

Please have faith in me!

I can only ask of you to have faith in me, but mostly I have to show you, to make you believe in me!

Just give me time and you will be totally sure!

Let´s walk in life together! 

I am not only carrying you, you also hold hands with me and you can feel me in the palms of your hands.

Please give me the benefit of your doubt, and give me time and I will make you notice me. 

I walk wherever you walk. And I know all about what is going on. 

You can cry on my shoulder, I am here for you! 

Today all is about gratitude! Saying grace for all your water you drink and use, and for all the food you eat. 

Directing your heart towards gratitude is always the right thing to do. It is the good way of living at all times!

Gratitude will guide you, it is a realm of its own and I can say it is my left arm that I carry you with!

And from my left arm goes the path to my heart where love resides and I am also a guardian of love.

So give me time, and please give yourself room for inner peace and gratitude always!


Mother Mary

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