I am a Mother and the most important thing for me is love!

I always want my children to come back to love!

Sometimes in life it is easy to go astray, because of what is necessary to learn.

Learning is essential on this planet! This planet is a school, actually an university!

But usually you judge yourself very hard! 

Usually you judge yourself so hard, that even if you have learned all that you came here to learn, you don´t love yourself enough!

And why is this you might wonder?

Maybe you think this is hard to think about, really feel in your heart?

I do not mean that you should let your ego grow! And this is what you are afraid of!

You are so afraid of your own ego!

For eons of time, your ego was actually something very important to you!

Now when you have evolved into the divine being and soul that you are, -and always was-, the ego almost scares you. 

Sometimes the ego seem to chase you? Other times the ego is your worst enemy?

And how can you find a healthy and friendly way to deal with your ego?

In fact you have to love yourself, the entire “package” that is you, even love your own ego!

I have the easiest suggestions for you dear friend!

You have a natural alarm bell! Trust it!

This particular alarm bell works this way:

It will signal to you every time your ego begins to take more place in your life than what your own soul wants to!

For eons of time, -lifetimes on Earth- the ego – actually was a kind of lesson for you to learn about your very life.

So please you don´t have to be afraid or see your ego as an enemy, just a neutral lesson of life, otherwise you would not be exactly the one that you are.

Keep the relationsship to your ego, totally neutral and if you can, love it! 

Have no fear, and no animosity.

Otherwise you will hurt yourself and you will exist in the energy of fear or anger towards yourself! And the more distance there will be to the energy, the natural energy of love!

It is in the energy of love that you are YOU! The true you!

Lay your faith in God that God and the angels and your beloved guides will ring the alarm bell when necessary, and otherwise please enjoy your life, with great care and love for yourself!

I love you

Mother Mary

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