Dear child of Earth I love you!

I am Mother Mary, but I am not only a mother, I am a sister too and most of all I am someone that knows you well.

There are labyrinths, and there are quizzes and there are a lot of unanswered questions.

There are myths that many search for the answers too. And many find themselves being a researcher.

But no matter of how many unanswered questions you might have, one thing is sure!

Love is sure! Love IS!

Do you rely on love? Do you believe in the power of love?

You have heard the expression – love conquers all?

And this is true, because love will conquer all!

Love will bring peace! Love will dispel all clouds and answer all questions for you!

But! Right now there is something you can do! You can have faith in love!

At this very moment you can have faith in that love will overcome all obstacles.

On a cloudy day all you see is a grey sky, but above the clouds there is always a shining sun and a blue sky!

What you see is not always what is going on, or I can say; you can not see all that is going on, you only see a little part of it all.

Attempts are being made to keep you seeing nothing but grey, dark skies. And make you forget about what is over the clouds.

Those that thrive on negative energies want to keep you in the dark, with feelings of distrust.

It is a battle! Between the good and the bad. 

But, you see, the good has already won!

What you see now is the last part, the tail, of the dark reign. And their last attempt to keep the power is, to show you only dark events, to make you loose your faith in the good, and in the healing power of love.

So your mission my beloved friend is to hold on to your faith in love, and to realize that your deepest core of beautiful hope is something you must defend. 

You have to be your own guardian of your heart!

I and God, and all the archangels defend you already, of course, and this you know! 

Trust your gut feeling, your heart feeling and the signs your body gives you, your body is the temple of your soul and it is highly intelligent.

Attempts are being made to make you feel small or insignificant, the goal is for you to let go of your faith in the good and in love.

Jesus lives within your sacred heart! 

Jesus second coming is already here, right now, within you and your heart! Within your sacred heart you have a blossoming beautiful garden where you can walk and talk with Jesus whenever you want and need to.

What flowers do you love and what colors do they have? 

You can envision them if you like when you meditate or say your prayer! Anyway they live in your sacred heart and you can embrace them as your flowers of peace!

I love you,

Mother Mary

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