I am Michael and I serve God.

I protect. I hold. I shield.

And I believe in you!

No matter what you go through in your life, I am closer to you than you can imagine.

You have a soul, and so you also have a soul purpose on Earth. 

One purpose that all souls have in common is to awaken to the realm of Mother Earth.

Even though there are different kinds of souls, that comes from 333 soul-trees, with a multitude of different purposes, no one can escape the fact that Mother Earth is a living being with a soul of her own.

Begin with your grounding! And in this way you will get a better contact!

Walking in nature. Walking barefoot in the summer. Breathing fresh air. Loving each breath that you take.

Because loving each breath means that you love yourself, and it means that you love the element of air, and also ether.

Doing this, makes you understand Earth more. 

There are many ways to earth yourself, find the way that you love.

Mother Earth has waited for eons of time to re-connect with you. 

Having no contact with Mother Earth is like living in a life without all the colors. You only have some, not all colors of life. The connection with her is vital!

Reach out to my channel and you can get more advice and I of course work through her.

I love you,


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