I love you, I am Mary, and I am a very old mother.

Come into my arms and I will hold you as long as you wish!

I need to keep you close to my heart so you can feel the rythm of the universe and all those that love you fullheartedly.

I carry you like a baby as long as you need it and you can cry out all your tears.

I see your tears and all the colors in them, all the feelings you have gone through and I will keep you even closer to my heart when you are sad.

No wonder you are sad if the life you live is so far away from love and peace.

I will keep you in my arms until you love yourself completely and you will find the peace that you have carried for eons of time into this world. 

You have worked so hard that you have forgotten about who you truly are. 

You have forgotten about that you carry a very special kind of peace with you in your heart.

This peace is a neccesity to this world. But this world that you live in is still a hard place to live in.

Love moves slowly, pace by pace, heartbeat by heartbeat and step by step and takes no shortcuts.

I will hold you to my heart as long as it takes for you to recognize your own unique rays of peace and love. 

You have worked so hard, that you have forgotten about yourself and the true you.

But I never give up! I hold you close until you remember who you are and why you came here! 

It is easy to forget. Because it is so dark! You are used to the light of love! But.

But you are also a fighter! You are a true fighter! You fight for love and peace! Always!

But the path on earth is a very hard road for those that really carry the love and peace torch.

So don´t worry, I will never let you go until you remember who you are! Be sure of that my dear child!

I love you,

Mother Mary

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