Dear friend I love you very much!

I must say;

There is something important I need to adress right now!

Love is not only one thing, one energy, one ray.

Love is like looking up at the stars at night and you see the glimmering lights from them, the light is the reminder, but love is everything else!

So big and great is love, it is the entire space, between the stars!

You need to be reminded how great love really is!

I need to stear you into the peaceful mindset of knowing!

Looking at the stars is a good beginning!

You think love is only one thing? One energy? One ray?

Love is so much more. You can not even begin to fathom how grand it is.

But you think it is a tiny weak energy that hardly reaches to you?

Sometimes it is really hard to live on Earth, it can be very painful, and with much sorrow, and God knows about every tear you shed.

God hears your prayers and believes in you. God loves you!

Knowing love is the most important thing you can do!

Knowing and recognizing how great love is, is a mindset you choose!

And in your beloved heart there is an acceptance already, because it is the only way!

You ARE love! You are a very important piece of love, and when you embrace the fact, the sheer knowing, that love is the greatest energy, and that you belong to love, all the fears you have will leave you.

Living with fear is like living with a big gray cloud over your head, hindering the rays of the sun giving you the warmth and light that you need. But this is only temporary! For love will take away the hindering cloud, I promise you. 

But if you let me help you right now, the cloud will be gone in a heartbeat, because you will be united with yourself in your heart!

The struggle to resist what is truly you, takes energy from you. When you think negative thoughts and you feel disconnected from God, this is when you are not anchored within your beloved heart.

Thoughts can be a mind-set trap. Trust your heart completely!

Your heart has its own divine intelligence of gratitude! Your heart already knows, and is waiting for you to come back. 

Living your life with grace, opens the door to your heart and you will even feel the wings of peace sourround you, keeping you safe always, just be you, be love!

I love you

Mother Mary

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