Usually, I get the newsletter done earlier in the week, but I’m writing this now at 11 pm on Friday night, only a few hours before you will receive it. I got carried away working and starting my taxes this week and lost track of the days. At first, I dreaded spending Friday night under a deadline, but when I sat down to channel the angel message, I felt their immense love pouring through. In that moment, taxes and deadlines were forgotten, and all I felt was a desire to share that love here and now. I’m wide awake again and enjoying the sharing.

Taxes are, as many of you know, not my favorite thing. I’d rather be creating, hanging out with angels, or walking in nature. So, every year, I pray to wake up at some point and be inspired to do them. The inspiration came last weekend. Usually, I put my nose to the grindstone, as we say, and get them done in two days. This year, that didn’t happen. I’ve changed. I’m no longer racing to the finish line with anything in my life. I’m enjoying the journey.

So I worked on taxes, took a break to play with AI art, and developed a style that I must eventually put on downloadable art and home goods. I worked on taxes, then called home and had a wonderful conversation with my family, in which I was able to share some great time-saving tips to ease their load. I worked on taxes and went out on the patio in the rain to meditate in the cool night air. I received ideas for the future pouring in so fast that I’ll never keep up with them.

A task, once burdensome, has become just part of an enjoyable stream of life. I’m still working on setting up new systems and categories for my new Etsy adventures and the books I’ve published. I’m still learning where the countless new programs and resources I purchased to support these endeavors hide their billing history! I’m still categorizing and comparing hundreds of teeny tiny expenses with receipts. But you know what? I’m drinking tea and cocoa, wearing my cozy socks, and interspersing these activities with play. I’ve never enjoyed this journey as much.

Life’s little interruptions (and big ones) are just part of life now. The front leak is fixed. The gentleman is coming to repair my heater in the next few weeks. When my huge disk array of backups gave notice that it had errors, instead of groaning as I once would have, I gave thanks for my backup drives and called the wonderful folks who come out and handle my computer stuff when I’m in need.

I used to grapple with my past conditioning, as many of us have. My conditioning would have had me worried and scrambling to cover the large expenses recently. The world’s conditioning would tell me to shut the Etsy store, which cost orders of magnitude more than I made this year, but I’m having too much fun to quit, and my happy vibe is attracting all manner of goodness.

My conditioning would tell me that I’m “aging” and have to accept physical pains from all the past injuries, but I’ll have absolutely none of that. The other day, the foot that has been giving me trouble after too many accidents locked up painfully, and something in me flipped. I stood in the middle of my hallway and said from my soul, without any thought, “By the power of the Divine within me, you are healed now. Not yesterday. Not two seconds from now. Now. You are healed. Left foot, you no longer hold onto past trauma. Right foot, you’ve done good work holding me up. You can relax now. Spine: it is time to recalibrate. Now. That’s it. I’m healed, whole, and healthy in the eyes of God and now in my own eyes as well.” I stood there while spiritual energy coursed through me. I felt my knee pop, my foot pop, and everything relax. The foot unlocked and hasn’t locked up since.I’m doing my utmost not to go “looking” for the old pain and reactivate it—so far so good. I surprised myself with that one! Now is powerful!

It is completely human to react to our circumstances. I allow myself my reactions. When that happens, I permit myself to feel sad, upset, or less than loving when those feelings arise. The angels have convinced me that we are loved as we are, here and now, and I’ve chosen to accept that. I let myself be human, and then, as soon as possible, I shift towards something better.

It isn’t always easy. There have been times in my life when the only better feeling thing I could do was comfort myself as I wailed. When people and pets I’ve loved left the planet, I grieved. Nonetheless, as I loved myself through the process, I began to feel their presence, which is now part of my everyday reality. When financial blips occur, I occasionally still have a moment of freak out, then return to breathing, receiving, and allowing the flow to figure it out. Living with the awareness that a dear one could die at any moment or live for years, I’ve chosen to focus on the better feeling of our love and their well-being, and that is the direction things are going.

Instead of focusing on the world’s insistence that I act and decline according to my age, I’m going to fly in the face of that one and keep the life force flowing. Now is new. Now is what we have. We’re ageless, timeless, eternal beings who have had intense pain and amazing joy in our endless journey through eternity, but all of that matters far less than who we are and who we choose to be right here and now.

It is 11:33 now, very fun numbers as I wrap up my section of the newsletter. When I finish, I’ll treat myself to a little creative time and a cup of cocoa… or maybe a glass of wine. Perhaps I’ll sit on the patio in the chilly night air and feel nature’s aliveness and the angels’ love. It’s all good. Taxes will happen again this weekend and wherever else the heart leads.

So, no matter who you’ve been, what you’ve experienced, or what you’re going through right now, this too shall pass. Some day in the future, the greatest of your present challenges will be seen as catalysts that guided you into your expansion. No one expects you to feel warm and fuzzy about what is not, but we can be kind to ourselves. We can accept ourselves. And we can allow ourselves little pockets of joy or comfort, even amidst life’s pain. If you can allow yourself these smaller moments of joy during the hard times, life will get easier in time. Even when you can’t imagine how you would ever feel better, the life force is flowing beneath the surface, restoring us, and angels are guiding us, one moment at a time, in the here and now.

Here are a few ways to activate kinder energies in your now.

1.   Love your past self

When the past arises and activates within you, acknowledge and love the person you once were as if they are a separate person. “Hello, 16-year-old self. I’m so sorry that mean girl put you down and flirted with the guy you had a crush on. I’m so sorry the boys made fun of you because you didn’t fool around. I’m so sorry you felt ugly. You know what, you’re wonderful now. I’m you! We’re grown, and I get to choose how I feel about myself now. Let’s get you into the light and into a better space.”

Then, you can imagine gently escorting this past self into the arms of the angels who will love, help, and heal those energies within. If we try to negate, judge, or drive away these parts of our soul, they’ll only become more active within us. It is better to acknowledge, love, and help these parts of ourselves heal in the light of our own love.

2. Connect with your future self or your best self

This is a fun exercise. Imagine you are talking to your best, most confident, healthy, happy, amazing self. Imagine you are talking to the version of you that you want to be. Now, imagine you ask this amazing future self for some encouragement and advice. Just use your imagination. What would they say to encourage you to move along the path to becoming this best self? What advice would they give you? Just ask the question, wait, and let your imagination answer. It actually tunes you into the energy, wisdom, and perspective of this “best self” that you want to be.

Likewise, I did an exercise along similar lines several years ago that amazed me. I got sick during a vacation years ago and was quite put out that this happened during my time off. It dawned on me that if we have many possible energetic versions of ourselves, then somewhere in that room, a healthy, happy version of me existed! So, I did a humorous exercise. I started standing in various places around the room, asking, “Where are you — healthy, happy me?” I moved around, waiting to feel that version of myself. Much to my surprise, as I stood in one spot looking out the window at beautiful nature, I felt something “click” as if I were merging with that healthy, happy self. The condition disappeared. I felt energized. I literally suddenly became that version of myself. I can change channels on the remote instantly. Why not in my reality? I’m still learning.

3. Accept yourself as you are, unconditionally, with love

If you’re grieving, accept yourself with love. Comfort and soothe yourself as you are able. If you’re raging mad, gather up your angels and vent, vent, vent to those beings who will only love you. Don’t judge yourself in the process of feeling anything. Just accept yourself. “I am who I am.” In so doing, you’ll naturally move through it much more quickly. You’ll naturally start to reach for kinder realities. You’ll naturally attract those who accept you as you are as well.

Self-acceptance is one of the most underrated ways to shift into a better vibration. It may not come naturally due to conditioning. Do it anyway. Choose it.”I am who I am, and who I am is OK with God. Good enough.”

The clock just struck midnight, and I haven’t turned into a pumpkin! Instead, I feel amazing, energized, and filled with love for all of you. I am glad I didn’t force myself to write this earlier in the week as I once would have. I’m glad the angels have convinced me at long last to accept myself and trust the journey. I’m glad I’m making tax time more fun. And when life isn’t so easy, I’m glad I know it is OK to just be where I’m at and then reach for better. It is a kinder, happier way to be.

I wish you a peaceful and kind week of ever-increasing love, moment by moment.

PS – When I made the little groundhog picture, it dawned on me he fit today’s message — Whether we see sun or clouds, shadow or not, we get to choose what to activate inside of us!

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